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Help!! eggs and only a microwave/toaster oven?

I need help, we are going on a low carb diet and ditching the cerial/fruit/etc and want to eggs in. But...we are going through a major renovation and I have only a toaster oven and microwave. Any ideas. I would love a poached egg but any type of egg would be fine. Thanks

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  1. I know you can scramble eggs in the MW. You have to be very careful with power levels and cooking times, or it will turn rubbery. I am sure you can do add-ins.

    Here are some links with suggestions:

    There are also some videos on the internet.....

    1. Bake your eggs in a souffle dish in the toaster oven, or do the same in the microwave.

      Or if you want to get fancy, use a muffin tin and add some pureed tomatoes and then crack an egg on top, bake and you have your own "poor-man's" version of eggs in purgatory.

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        I saw something like this recently on a cooking show where they pressed hashbrowns around the edges of a muffin tin and baked (which should work in a toaster oven) till they were crispy then had an egg cracked into them and baked a until the egg was done. Oh - I found the link:

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          Yeah, I would do the same thing or something similar (either bread or potatoes) but the OP is on a low-carb diet ... [sigh]

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            Alas - my bad. I somehow spaced the low-carb. (Hangs head in shame and sobs in the corner).

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              boyzoma: well you should, until this post you were sounding fairly cool, is there a way to "block" people like on FB? (smirk)

              somebody on not low-carb diet may read this and I did see a thread the other day about other things in a toaster oven.

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              could use cauliflower and onions instead...

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            speaking of a muffin tin, there's always the option of pouring whisked eggs into the tin, adding toppings/mix-ins (veggies, cheese, bacon), and baking.

            hey ipse, what's with the face today? embarrassed about something? ;)

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                "hey ipse, what's with the face today? embarrassed about something? ;)"

                Have you seen how HOT it's been in LA the past couple of days????

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                  not seen...experienced. remember, i live here too! i realized after alka made the sunburn comment that it might have something to do with our lovely heat wave. thank goodness it's breaking.

          3. You can do a fancy baked egg dish in the toaster oven. Put a english muffin or even a piece of toast that has been cut in a circle in the bottom of a ramekin. Add a slice of ham or mostly cooked sausage patty. Break an egg on top. Sprinkle with some cheese and put it in the toaster oven.

            It should turn out very nicely.

            1. I made scrambled eggs in a microwave all the time when I was in college (and doing LC). You just have to take them out about every 30 seconds to stir, and pull them a little before you think they're done because of carryover cooking. They're not as good as on the stovetop, but they're fine, especially with cheese.

              1. There's a great Greek-inspired egg recipe that I picked up somewhere that is perfect for toast-oven cooking. If you have some large-ish ramekins or a small baking dish that fits in the toaster oven you can make this fantastic egg recipe:

                Pour a tablespoon of olive oil into the bottom of the ramekin. Layer some sliced tomatoes in the bottom of the ramekin, not more than halfway up the side. Place a thin block of feta cheese to cover the tomatoes or crumble feta cheese over the tomatoes form the next layer. Dribble a little more olive oil over this. Crack an egg onto the top. Dribble a little more olive oil over the egg and dust with salt, pepper, and oregano. Place this in the toaster oven at about 300-320F for about 15 minutes. Keep an eye on it, and when the egg has set, it's done. I usually don't cover it, but you can put some foil over the top if you think the egg will be too close to the burner.

                I like to eat it with a piece of crusty bread, but if you're skipping carbs, it would still be delicious on its own.

                1. I just read somewhere-can't remember for the life of me where, that you can poach an egg in the MW. I think the recommendation was to butter a ramekin and add 2T of water along with the egg. You know, I may have seen it here..I'll check..

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                    You can also buy a plastic microwave egg cooker for maybe a dollar or so. It's not necessary (as per andieb), but it's rather disposable and has the cooking time and instructions right with it so you don't have to look it up every time (as I do, since I always forget).

                    With either method, you may have to go through a few eggs to get the timing right for your taste and your microwave, but I found I had to do that with baked eggs in my toaster oven, as well.

                  2. When cooking eggs in the microwave, you can separate them. Nuke the whites until done, then add the yolk, puncturing it once so it doesn't explode, and continue. You'll have to play with it, a few seconds at a time, till you find the right timing for your preferences and your oven.

                    You can soft-cook an egg in the toaster oven. Right from the fridge (no puncture needed) - in my toaster oven, three toast cycles. I do an English muffin right along with the eggs. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5963...

                    1. A coworker "scrambles" an egg in the MW every day for breakfast. Crack it into a mug, whip it up with a fork, and then par-cooks it for a minute. Takes it out, stirs it up, and continues to do that until the egg is cooked to the consistency she likes.

                      1. I used to make microwave egg "mcmuffins" when I was in university. Super easy!


                        1. thanks y'all, I haven't liked my microwave ones but maybe because they are on too high, I love all the toaster oven ones. I'm thinking baking while in the shower might just be awesome!!!

                          1. I occasionally poach whole eggs in the MW, but you have to be very careful so it doesn't explode. in a pyrex or other poaching cup run about 20 or so seconds on full, let sit for about same before touching, take out and run a knife around the side and return for about the same. YMMV depending on your power level.

                            1. If we were going through a renovation and were without a stove I would use an electric skillet and a crockpot to supplement the microwave and toaster oven. I've seen used electric skillets for as little as $5 at Goodwill (as well as those electric woks). Anything you can cook in a skillet on a stove can be cooked in an electric skillet. I just hate washing the things, so I don't use ours too often.

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                                I've considered this and I probably would go the 4-burner hot plate and a convection oven route.

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                                  I've used non stick electric skillets for years. You can do almost anything in them. If I was doing remodeling, the first thing I would do is get the skillet out. Lexpatti, you should definiteely look into one if you can. They are only $35 - $50.

                                2. During my kitchen remodel that lasted 4 months plus we used a Japanese electric hot water pot (165-170F) for our hot water source. We found we could put one or more eggs (in shell) in the water to make soft boiled or hard boiled depending on how long they were left.

                                  Consider borrowing an electric skillet or buying an induction hot plate. Either will greatly increase your menu options. In the mean time this is a favorite weekend breakfast:

                                  Salsa Eggs in Ramekins

                                  Preheat oven. Butter ramekins and spoon in salsa, break in an egg, sprinkle grated cheese (Mexican 4 Cheese) over egg and finish with a dollop of sour cream.

                                  Bake 8-10 minutes @ 375F OR 12-15 min @ 350F

                                  (for those who can have carbs, oil a banana in its peel, place on pan or cookie sheet and bake in oven with the eggs. To serve, split it open and sprinkle with a little ground cinnamon... hot banana pudding)

                                  1. You can actually boil eggs in the microwave if you know what to do. Yes, there are a ton of YouTube videos with exploding eggs, but there's a way to get it right.

                                    1. Cover the eggs in aluminum foil. (Yep, the OTHER thing you're not supposed to put in water -- aluminum foil! However, read on...)
                                    2. Submerse the foil-covered eggs in a mug of water. Probably best to do only one or two at once. The water prevents the foil from arcing, and the foil assures that only the boiling water is cooking the eggs, not the microwaves.
                                    3. Make sure the water doesn't evaporate or splash out. Watch it carefully. Cooking times vary from microwave to microwave, and also depend on how soft you like them.

                                    I've done this plenty of times (dorm, sigh) and the eggs always turned out fine. (And now to steal some salt from the dorm kitchen...)

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                                      Thanks for this tip, which was new to me. It worked well. I filled a 2 cup pyrex cup with water and started it while wrapping 2 large eggs from the fridge. Then I thought that maybe the eggs needed to go in before the water boiled, so I stopped the micro and added the eggs into the hot water, which was about the temp you'd use in your dishpan. I resumed nuking on high for a scant 4 minutes but left the eggs in the pyrex while toasting a bagel so the eggs were a little more set than I'd have liked. I will try again. Do you start your eggs in cold water or hot?

                                    2. thanks all, great ideas. I did hit up a second hand store yesterday and got a small square quiche type dish for the toaster oven and a mini cupcake tins. Funny, my sister said the same thing about a one pot burner (none at the 2nd hand store) so I could boil water or fry up.

                                      1. Eggs are among the most versatile and easiest of foods to prepare, but you can't do an over-easy or sunny-side-up in the microwave.
                                        For a simple omelate place chopped pepper, onion, or any other chopped veggie, along with some olive oil in a covered microwave dish. Microwave on high for about two minutes. Add one or two eggs and seasoning of choice. Break yolks and mix with the veggies. Microwave again about one minute per egg. Top with cheese if desired. Let rest about a minute.
                                        We like to stuff the omelate into a pita.

                                        1. so I found my regular cup cake tin after searching a couple boxes, we did a nice light piece of ham, then dropped an egg in that, fresh parm on top - whollla!!! So now we have easy 2 other breakfasts. the mini tins will be great for crustless quiches.