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Sep 28, 2010 09:22 AM

Nemo - Keyport Sushi-Pan-Asian Cuisine

I'd like to start this off with a personal note. I don't get tooo excited about new Asian restaurants (i.e. Manow & Bando) as often times the food is great in the beginning, then it starts to decline, or just flat out close down. Well I've been to Nemo 4 times, and while I'm not a big sushi person, I've only tried the Pan-Asian dishes, here's my take: Very Good. On every visit I've started my meal with the crispy duck roll, an eggroll shell filled with roast duck & deep fried. Dipping sauces include cocnut, mango, hoisin, and a sweet teriyaki, my favorite being the coconut. Steamed dumplings, made in house, smaller than the standard cookie cutter dumplings found at most take-out places, fresh bright flavored filling (pork) with a very thin dumpling skin. The crispy duck roll is without a doubt one of the best appetizers I've had lately. Hot Thai entrees that I've tried have been, Thai basil beef, pork with Thai red curry, Pad Thai with chicken. All have been very good, although I do enjoy Thai food with a little more heat, they did provide me with some chili paste to add on my own. The Thai basil beef is served on a bed of garlicky sauteed baby boc choy, with a good amount of thai basil. The pad thai is good but pretty standard, the red curry pork served in a caserole dish with potatoes, mushrooms, red onions & string beans has been my favorite thus far. The Thai dishes on the menu aren't separated fron other Asian dishes on the menu, they are listed under either Kitchen Specialties, or Entrees from the Kitchen, a little confusing, but not that difficult. Hot dishes that I would consider being Chinese that I have tried are chicken with hot green peppers and chicken & broccoli, (which is called Broccoli with Soy Ginger Sauce w/Chicken on the menu) & chicken with stringbeans. (Stringbeans w/ Garlic Sauce w/ Chicken on the menu) The dishes are worded like that because you have your choice of meat, or tofu. Regardless of the wording the Chicken & Broccoli is the best I've had anywhere, as is the Chicken & Stringbeans, although I've never had that anywhere else. In both dishes you can taste the heat of the wok & niether one is covered in a greasy - cornstarch thickened sauce, they are very lightly coated with the sauce. I also loved the pineapple fried rice. It's not the usual soy sauce-browned rice with peas & carrots. The rice is still relatively white with shrimp, chicken, pineapple, edamame, red pepper, thai basil & cashews. Very different from the normal, and quite well recieved by me. Enjoy.

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  1. Larry - Thanks for posting about Nemo. A few weeks back, a well known chef from that area commented to me that he had excellent meals there and recommended that I try it. I do intend to swing on by when I'm in the area. Again many thanks.

    1. Great report Larry, I look forward to trying Nemo soon. Those chicken dishes sound really good!!

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        I love this place! It's great if you love seafood or not. My husband enjoys sashimi salad, eggplant salad & crispy red snapper and I have tried most of the kitchen entrees and found them to be really delicious and fresh-tasting, particularly the string bean garlic sauce prepared with your choice of protein (chicken, pork, tofu, beef, scallop or prawn). Must have apps are crispy duck roll and pan fried dumplings. Great addition to Keyport and best of all, it's BYOB!

      2. Nemo - Asian Fusion at its best, this new spot in Key Port brings another fine restaurant to the bay area, we dined early last night and were simply delighted. Starters were crispy duck spring rolls which were delicious, surely one of the best apps we have ever eaten with an Asian meal. Then their pork dumplings, fabulous and finished with an avocado with blue crab over baby greens salad, creative and delicious as well. Then on to our main dishes, large shrimp in a spicy garlic sauce over baby boc choy and then a spicy chicken dish with hot green peppers.
        The food all prepared very well and presented creatively is served by a friendly and helpful staff.

        Talking to a local at the next table who has been here a dozen times in the past month or so and sampled many things on the menu, raves about the place and also confirmed that the big guy from around the corner eats here often seems to add fine dining creditability. The overall look and feel of this new place is very eclectic, reminds us of New York City with a long and narrow space finished nicely and great music playing in the background.

        Sit in the rear and you will be rewarded with a nice view of the bay which will become a draw on its own once they complete their planned 30 foot deck. If you liked Bando and Manow you will love this place, it is in a class of its own.

        The bottom line: $49.00 before tax and tip for a meal of this quality is a real value. They are a great addition to the Jersey Shore dining scene, so pay them a visit when you are in the mood for Pan Asian dining.

        Asian Fusion
        116 Quimby St, Westfield, NJ 07090

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          +1 the "guy from around the corner" :)

        2. My husband and me had the pleasure of dining at Nemo again this Saturday evening and the food was absolutely delicious! We started with several appetizers; i.e. steamed dumplings, fried calamari, summer roll and avocado salad. The dumplings were the best I ever had, the fried calamari was fresh and crispy and sooooooo good. The springs rolls melted in your mouth the outer "rice paper skin" so tender and light, yummy! The avocado in the salad was so tasty; often times the avocado is just "meh", but this had the fresh nutty flavor that an avocado should have. The dressing was unique too....light and tasty so good we spooned it until the bowl was wiped clean, LOL!

          Now to the main husband had the Wok Grilled garlic shrimp and it was out of his world. The shrimp were HUGE (no pun intended) and cooked to perfection, yum! The veggies all fresh and all done perfectly. I had the Sambal chicken......again done perfectly, no grease, and nice and spicy! Believe me I did not want to share....but I had to since my husband shared with me! Everything was just done right and so fresh!

          We also had the pleasure of meeting the chef, Lee who could not have been more gracious. Also again I complimented them on their choice of background music and our waiter, Steven, informed us that he was responsible for putting together the music collection. A very very nice dining experience in every respect. A little "jewel". And the view in the back overlooking Raritan Bay just added to an already delightful evening.

          1. Samba Delight (prawn, scallop & chicken with mixed vegetables in a spicy sauce) and the recommended Crisy Duck Roll were both delicious our first (but not last) visit to Nemo. Very quiet for a Friday night and I do hope word of mouth keeps the business going. The menu and prices really pleased us..I'm going this week with gf's just for the sushi items. Thanks for the rec LarryLg.

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              You are right about word of mouth keeping the business going, but unfortunately Asian Fusion restaurants do not seem to get much play on this board. Remember Bando, one of the best to hit the New Jersey scene did not make it much past their first anniversary. I also think Nemo is special so lets keep our fingers crossed ...

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                Tomorrow 4 of us are heading over for sushi. So many interesting combos I'll be bringing a bunch home for the family. I do remember Bando..what's with the food scene around here :)