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Sep 28, 2010 08:50 AM

Aunt in hospital at UVM - would like to send good food to her but from where?

My aunt is scheduled to have surgery at Fletcher Allen on Thursday and, being far away in DC, I'd like to send her a basket of some sort of good food from a local purveyor (instead of flowers or a distant fruit basket). She is a NYer who loves good food, especially a decent pumpernickel bagel and I'm thinking she'll need it as hospital food is traditionally bad.

Please suggest a local gourmet shop or the like that could put together something for her as she recuperates over the next few days and weeks. Thanks so much - Nancy

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  1. Unfortunately, there's no Zabar's equivalent in Burlington, but you may want to try Fresh Market, which does nice gift baskets and a lovely assortment of prepared foods as well.

    For more specifically "New York" foods, you could order her something from the Sadie Katz Deli, which is the only place to find H&H Bagels in these parts.
    Their link:

    Good luck, and a speedy recovery to your aunt!

    Sadie Katz Deli
    189 Bank St, Burlington, VT 05401

    1. And just a comment here, Fletcher Allen actually has a model hospital food program. They've got contracts with local food producers, as well as having their own roof garden, to supply their various food outlets. Now I don't know how well that translates for patient food. I mean there are often reasons that patient food is as bland and yucky as it is (usually so things to interfere with the healing process, I think :). The local indie paper actually did a review on their grill and found it to be -good-. :)

      Sadie Katz is a good deli to get things from, but they probably don't deliver. I think there is a local food delivery service, though, that would pick up and take to the hospital... Don't try to get a bagel here, though, it'll just be a disappointment (I'm not looking to start an argument, but there is no such thing as a good NY style bagel in Vermont, the closest shop to it just closed a few weeks ago).

      However, if you're looking for things that are more specifically local, then there might be more options to look into.

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        I was a patient at FA in Feb '09 and the food was actually really good. Was surprised. Assuming that you don't have a limited diet due to what you are in the hospital for, you order off a menu, just like a restaurant.

      2. While I cannot offer any particulars here, I just must say I admire your consideration. Taking good food to those in a hospital is a grand thing to do. But I have seen hospitals that went out fo the way to give some fine food to the patients.

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          Thanks to everyone - I worked with the folks at Fresh Market to put together a basket of sweet and savory goodies for her and they are supposed to deliver today. Not sure what she'll be able to eat, and she will now be there for about a week (some complications but she's okay) so I'm sure the rest of my family will enjoy the food as well! Thanks again.