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Sep 28, 2010 08:39 AM

Hudson Valley recs

Looking for an easy day trip from Manhattan (via public transport preferred) to the Hudson Valley for apple picking/hiking/etc. but not sure where to go/how to get there and whether there is a town with good restaurants, etc. nearby that we can incorporate into our day trip? Any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. You can take a bus from port authority to New Paltz which has a town you can walk around in with restaurants. There is also apple picking at several local farms as well as hiking a few miles away in the mountains. Your issue will be getting out of town to the farms and hiking trails without a car. You will most likely have to take on cabs.

    To my knowledge there is no town in the hudson valley that has all of those things within walking distance of public transportation from the city.

    1. You can take a train from Grand Central to Breakneck Ridge ( and then hike up the trail. You can only access this train stop on weekends and holidays. It's a little unusual because the train stops in the middle of nowhere and all these hikers get off the train and follow a trail. You can hike for a couple of hours. It's a medium/difficult hike.

      You'll eventually end up in Cold Spring where there are several restaurants and antique shops. I would recommend Riverview Restaurant, but for a casual bite, I've heard good things about Whistling Willie's American Grill.

      I don't think there's easy access to an apple orchard from Cold Spring w/o a car, but there is a farmer's market there on Saturdays ( ). Enjoy your trip!

      Whistling Willie's American Grill
      184 Main St, Cold Spring, NY 10516