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Looks like Gordon Ramsey killed off another one.


It seems a second chef that has appeared on one of Gordon Ramsey's shows has committed suicide.

Here is a link to the story. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/...

How would you like to carry that baggage around?

  1. 3 years after the show and you're laying this on Ramsey? Please!!

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      This is pretty sad. As I recall, the guy actually came away from the show looking pretty good. His problems were minor compared some of the other chefs featured.

    2. Besides being 3 years later as FarFar noted, click thru the link to the full story at the NY Post and it quotes people as saying the restaurant was doing well.

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        That's exactly what I was going to mention - the Fox link doesn't have the whole story - the NY Post does: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/nd...
        In part, the story notes:

        "In fact, patrons yesterday said the eatery had been thriving.

        "The place is really doing well -- the parking lot is packed on weekends," said a woman who works at the tanning salon next door.

        Another salon worker, Evelina Grzymala, 22, said Cerniglia was grateful to Ramsey for helping him turn his business around."

        "[Cerniglia] said Ramsey was intense but that he turned out to be a nice guy, that in the end, he helped him out," Grzymala recalled.
        So I'm not seeing, Hank, how GR is supposed to be "carrying that baggage around", especially since GR hadn't been there in several years. Come ON.

        Oh - and can people PLEASE learn that Ramsay spells his last name with an "say" at the end - NOT an "sey"? Even the writers of the NY Post article have it spelled correctly at first, and THEN it's misspelled when quoting some of the business neighbors, as shown above. Gah!

      2. This is just another example of the media creating sensationalism. Honestly, do you think Ramsey and this guy became BFFs and stayed in close contact after their stint on the show?

        Prolly not. The guy had problems and, while I'm sure Ramsey wasn't a bright spot in is life, those problems are probably what got the best of him.

        My heart goes out to his family.

        1. I seriously doubt that they took their own lives just because of Gordon Ramsey. I'm sure Gordon feels bad, but he's not responsible for their deaths. Your title is simply uncalled for & so is the last line. Gordon did not kill these people and why should he carry around "that baggage" especially when he was trying to help one of them?

          Suicide is the result of a culmination of many things. It's hard for people who haven't ever been depressed or suicidal to understand & no-one knows what that final straw may be.

          1. Thanks for the link. I used to live near Fair Lawn and knew the restaurant. That's so sad, but I hardly think this poor man's suicide had anything to do with Gordon Ramsay, who underneath his gruff exterior is a caring, thoughtful man who really wants these chef/restaurateurs to succeed. We must realize many of the people who appear on Kitchen Nightmares are already deep in debt and other troubles long before the show films and airs. In today's terrible economy, it's harder than ever to juggle all the difficulties of the brutal restaurant business, no less in the particularly tough NY Metro area, which is one of the most stressful places I've ever lived. Many of my friends who still live in the area tell me how incredibly depressed many people have become, as they try to survive the mortgage/financial crisis, etc. Many of my friends have been driven from the area after losing jobs, homes, etc. It's just awful. NY/NJ was one of the hotbeds for sub-prime, jumbo mortgages. Who is to say that wasn't one of this chef's problems? My heart goes out to his widow, children and family.

            1. What is Kitchen Nightmares' success rate? I think more than half the profiled restaurants go out of business within a year or two anyway. Cosmetic changes to the dining room and menu never get to the root of these failing restaurants' problems, which appear to me to be more basic business management skills. Those never get addressed.

              It's just another serving of sadistic reality-TV "entertainment". I don't believe Ramsay really cares about his subjects beyond the paycheck and exposure they provide him. While a gifted chef, he's also a carnival barker, a huckster, another exploiter of human folly. That's shameful, in my book, but it doesn't make him culpable for sad suicides like that chef's. There's already something broken in you if you agree to go on one of those shows.


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                We ate at Davide a couple Saturdays ago and heard the guy telling some regulars that Davide might be on KN in November. It *was* pretty quiet for 8PM on a Sat. but maybe people aren't into the Sat. Night Fever feel of the place, ha ha. Would be curious to see a Boston restaurant on the show.

                1. re: Joanie

                  I remember seeing the casting call for this in Boston, and thinking, "Damn, why would you put yourself through the humiliation? If you're at the point where you're considering the show, it's almost certainly too late for you anyway, and your failings as a businessperson and human being will be available on YouTube forever."


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                  The original British version is actually informative and substantial. You really feel there that Ramsay is doling out sound business knowledge to the restaurants, actually doing them some good. It's even occasionally inspiring. The US version is a trainwreck screaming match with shmaltzy storylines and with an unearned makeover layered on top.

                  Ramsay is certainly capable of delivering a substantial, helpful critique of ailing restaurants within a TV show format, but Fox doesn't think that will draw ratings.

                  Even in the British version, though, sometimes the help comes too little, too late. The hole was too deep, the restaurants slip back into bad habits, etc. But others were genuinely helped.

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                    when he isn't dropping the F bomb every 30 seconds.

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                      what does the man's language have do do with any-fookin'-thing?

                      1. re: soupkitten

                        Not a fookin thing other than making him even less likable.

                        1. re: Hank Hanover

                          And yet don't you think your post was an attempt to make him even more unlikeable by attributing a heinous act to him when he had nothing to do with it?

                          1. re: LindaWhit

                            well, you know, everyone with a fookin' pottymouth must be a fookin' murderer.

                            seriously, i must believe that there are worse folks in the world than gordon ramsay, who may swear a blue streak, but also seems to honestly care about people *and* care about food. far more insidious and harmful is the corn-syrup-wouldn't-melt-in-my-mouth corporate suit, hawking "vitamin water" with impeccable grammar. cut the guy some slack for swearing in public-- he's an ex athlete, he had a horrendous childhood, he works in a kitchen daily and deals with tremendous amounts of pressure. if he were such a fookin' horrible person he probably wouldn't have the tremendously loyal employees he does have, staying with him for ten plus years, etc.-- now would he? (btw 85% retention rate for seventeen years, in *restaurants*, is pretty much, fookin' unheard of)

                            ramsay had nothing to do with this dude's death. what.so.fookin.ever.

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                                ramsay had nothing to do with this dude's death. what.so.fookin.ever.
                                Exactly. And yet ..... nothing was corrected. Yeah, he might have a potty mouth. Who amongst us hasn't sworn? But as you said - the loyalty of his staff is pretty damn good (oops - potty mouth me!) and says something to the character of his work ethic. So the allegation made is quite unfair.

                        2. re: Hank Hanover

                          "when he isn't dropping the F bomb every 30 seconds."

                          It's jarring and annoying- and I'm the original curse-like-a-sailor gal. I'm not sure which is worse, the f-bomb or the censor beep. That got really, really old on The Osbournes, and I still tend to avoid shows that do that.

                    2. Wow, loaded title. What's the cause and effect? I think the producers look for emotional, volatile people to be on the show and they're more likely to lose it. I don't think it has anything to do with Gordon Ramsay and his behavior towards contestants.

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                        Me too. But did anyone go back and watch clips from the show? Within the first ten minutes they have his mother on, and the first thing she says is how worried about him she is, and then they show a photo of his three boys.... and then they cut to his wife, who looks like she's about to cry. This guy had some serious problems that have nothing to do with "Kitchen Nightmares."

                        It's so sad that he couldn't just walk away and try to start over somewhere else.

                        1. re: chorosch

                          But that episode was filmed/shown THREE YEARS ago. And the restaurant was recently doing MUCH better - filled to capacity on the weekends. So I agree - definitely something else going on. It is so sad that he felt this was the only way to deal with the situation.

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                            Oh come on- success and time really don't have anything to do with suicidal depression. I expect that Ramsey goes for the "sparkly" types, the ones that translate well to camera, and whatever happens after that is not his fault. And I say that feeling certain that he's one of the biggest assholes on the planet. It's not his fault. Period. Although he may have been a player three years ago, whether he knew it or not.

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                              Ummm, read my other posts on the subject. I KNOW it's not GR's fault. My issue is elsewhere.

                      2. Response from Ram"sey": “I was fortunate to spend time with Joe during the first season of Kitchen Nightmares,” says Ramsay in a statement. “Joe was a brilliant chef, and our thoughts go out to his family, friends and staff.” He didn't really have to respond at all, but this was a good thought.

                        1. This is just unfortunate coincidence, nothing more. By all accounts the restaurant was doing very well--who knows what else was going on? Considering that the family's Facebook page is reportedly asking for financial donations for there were obviously still money problems. Just sad all the way around but definitely no fault of Gordon Ramsay's.

                          1. I remember him and that episode of KN. That's very sad.

                            Who was the other chef that died?

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                            1. re: C. Hamster

                              A female chef from Hell's Kitchen - not sure which season - 1 or 2, I think.

                              1. I'm no fan of GR, but he didn't kill anyone. The poor guy did what he did and it had nothing to do with anyone else. Ramsey bears no responsibility here. Condolences to the chef's family and friends.

                                1. According to a NY Post article, it now appears that there were extenuating circumstances...

                                  "The married reality-show restaurateur whose body was found floating in the Hudson River had developed a taste for his pastry chef -- and cocaine -- before his death, according to sources and police.

                                  The 39-year-old chef and owner of Campania was carrying on a sweet romance with Jessica Marotta, his much younger, cookie-cutting cutie, before he took the fatal plunge, sources told The Post.

                                  On July 15, according to contemporaneous reports by New Jersey media that cited police, cops went to Cerniglia's and Marotta's Campania restaurant in response to a call at about 11 p.m. that Ceniglia had snorted cocaine and was in distress."


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                                    So it absolutely has NOTHING to do with Ramsay...truly an unfortunate choice of words.

                                    And it looks like Cerniglia and his wife might have been separated for some time - the pastry chef rose from waitress to co-owner of the restaurant.

                                  2. It seems that people have aired all views of this unfortunate situation, and since we have had to remove several unpleasant exchanges, we're going to go ahead and lock the thread now.