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Sep 28, 2010 07:39 AM

Food vouchers at Topsfield Fair and what to eat?

Anyone had experience with purchasing food vouchers for the Topsfield Fair? You can buy vouchers online for $5.50-good for $7.00 worth of food at "select" vendors. Wondering if they're worth buying.

Also-what are your favorite places to eat there? I'm going this weekend-my first time!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've been going to the Topsfield Fair, off-and-on, for over thirty years. And, overall, the food is disappointing.


    Anna's Fried Dough, when freshly made - don't get fried dough from any other vendor (Anna's has three or four booths at the Fair), and only get it fresh from the fryolater. (Last year I fell victim to another vendor offering "cherry" fried dough - of course it was canned cherry pie filling on a cracker hard piece of fried dough. Into the trash, and back to Anna's!)

    Some of the freshly-cut french fries are good, too - look for vendors cutting up potatoes in a hand-operated machine.

    Actually, some of the Italian sausage subs can be pretty good, too. Look for a high-turnover booth, and sausages hot off the grill.

    Some places and things to avoid:

    the booth selling hot corn - it's awful!
    corn dogs - they're never fresh
    the B'nai B'rith booth - I know good deli, and that's not it!
    any food booth that isn't busy.

    Lastly, don't waste your money on a food voucher. They're good for combo "meals" at places like the Kowloon booth, and worse.

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      Thanks! So, no local booths that stand out? For example, the fair I grew up with had Ray's french fries were were/are awesome and made by a local guy.

    2. I don't know about the vouchers, but a couple of stands that I did enjoy include the polish food cart and the veteran's corn on the cob stand. The polish food cart is kind of tucked away, to the right of the entrance. It's not close to any of the other food stands.

      And, unlike srgoodman, I have had fresh corn on the cob (on a stick) at the stand. I enjoyed it as did my fair friends.

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      1. re: beetlebug

        Thanks! I'll try to find the Polish booth in spite of the 2 Polish friends I'm going with who will never think it's better than mom's!

        1. re: mtm7654

          Well, it won't be as good as mom's and it's not as good as Polonia. But, it's better than the other fair food available. I think it's a truck but it doesn't really look like a truck, if that makes any sense.

          1. re: beetlebug

            I was gonna ask if they were gonna be there this year - I haven't gone in 2 - 3 years & thought it was pretty good. It's in one of those portable trailers - the type you find a business will move into when they're putting up a perminent building & they park in front of the building buing built. I'm hoping to go on Thursday so I'll report back.
            I also like the German fries - they're fresh cut potato slices that they usually fry up for you fresh while your waiting. They also have the Heinz malt vinegar, which is a plus.

      2. The cider donuts at the little hut near the kiddie rides is pretty good. The 4-H lobster roll is also pretty good.

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        1. re: Chris VR

          Oh yes. Those cider donuts are tasty.

          And, the pig races are fun to watch.

        2. Last year I bought some maple syrup cotton candy I've been dreaming about ever since. Not sure of the vendor, but they were in a little house with other maple syrup-y things. Cheese, too maybe?

          1. Found the Polish food with no problem-not far from the entrance. Got the Polish plate for $10 which consisted of a potato pancake, a pierogi, a stuffed cabbage and a slice of kielbasa with onions and peppers. The potato pancake was meh but everything else was good although the pierogi could have used sour cream. There was a Brazilian BBQ place next door but we passed. One of my friends got a corn dog which she immediately regretted and the other enjoyed her pulled pork sandwich which she got not far from the Polish truck. Didn't much else because I was still full from the Polish plate. Surprisingly few lines anywhere on Saturday night.

            Oh yeah-and I swear they don't let you leave until you buy a bushel of kettle corn! And who was I to protest? ;-)