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Sep 28, 2010 07:35 AM

Paramount Restaurant [London]

anyone been ?
Going tomorrow - any recommendations?
Coctails, food?

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  1. I'm going tonight!

    Will report back tomorrow.

    1. As with most of London's high-rise restaurants, it's more about the view than the food.

      That said, our meal was better than expected, if not exceptional. Highlights included a lovely pea risotto and the assiette of chocolate dessert. Wine recommendations were spot on but the Old Fashioned I procured in the bar was poorly made.

      Overall, not a foodie destination but fine if you need / want to eat somewhere with a view. (Although I would argue that the dining room's view of Bloomsbury isn't the best skyline you'll encounter).

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      1. re: DollyDagger

        thanks so much dolly - matches most of the other reviews I read of the place - will report back also

        1. re: DollyDagger

          yup, what she said. We had cocktails in the viewing gallery first, which really does offer spectacular views. It was his birthday and he wanted somewhere high up, so it was perfect. The champagne cocktails were fine but nothing special.

          The food was... quite good. We had started our menu negotiations earlier in the afternoon using the menu from the website. Unfortunately most of his choices (seafood plate, beef, banana pudding) were off the menu, so it being his birthday I had to relent and let him have good stuff.

          My starter of foie gras and duck terrine with apple and fig pastilla was a bit odd, with the intense sweetness of the fig pastilla completely overwhelming the terrine. Eaten with just the apple puree though, it was fine. I didn't care for his starter of morteau sausage and coddled egg but he seemed to enjoy it.

          His trio of pork (which I really wanted) was absolutely wonderful. Also I think there were 5 kinds of pork. A square of belly, some black pudding and apple, something very tender and smoked with a piece of crispy pancetta, and a breaded ball of something not unlike corned pork, if such a think exists. My duck with red cabbage and parsnips was fine, the duck was incredibly rare - dark red and raw, even - and the cabbage was salty, but even if it had been perfect I'd still have had serious pork envy.

          My creme brulee was good and also huge, his assiette of chocolate was far more impressive: a dark choc tart, a white choc and passionfruit cheesecake, a dark choc souffle, and a milk choc jelly with white choc icecream. Envy again.

          Strangely, considering the cost of cocktails and champagne (£13-14), the wine list was distinctly low in price. The majority of bottles were between £20 and £40, with a handful up to £60 and maybe one or two at the £100 mark. Quite unexpected.

          1. re: gembellina

            Well it got off to a good start with the view and the cockails - I had a cream soda cocktail which had lemon curd in it - was delicious.
            The decor is 70s retro and not sure it works.
            Then the restaurant. I'd like to say it was ok but it wasn't.
            My souffle was bordering on cold , not enough pear slices, vinegary dressing on the chicory = not a good dish , this is the twice baked roquefort souffle which seems to have hotspots of cheese flavour.
            Not bad but definitely not good.
            Then I had 5 spice monkfish at around 23 quid - all the dressings were chilli jam and way too sweet - could not taste the saffron risotto it came with. Rice not cooked enough , did not have any unctuos quality about it . Flavour was of average thai restaurant with chewy spring rolls.
            My partner had pork 3 ways - they got the crackling wrong - it was chewy - he loved the black pudding and apple and the pork cheek was good.
            Pudding they got wrong too Walnut tart with other stuff : again apple crisps chewy rather than crisp - custard cold and quite nasty and I love custard - walnut tart too dense and rather unpleasant.
            Left bloated but a lot lighter due to the loss of cash.
            Service excellent in cocktail bar and bad to rude in restaurant - I will single out the maitre d
            for special critism - he was doing the failed actor bit with unkempt hair and taking care of
            only some tables - terrible.
            Cannot see it surviving - shame as the view is astounding.

            1. re: bleep75

              if it was the same maitre d - ridiculous moustache, in keeping with the 70s theme - i noticed he used a very hammy posh voice when speaking to diners, and a completely normal london accent when chatting to the bar staff

              I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your meal, it seems to be quite an unreliable kitchen

              1. re: gembellina

                This maitre d was a bottle blond one that looked like he needed a bath - not a good look for a restaurant - it sounds like its friends the owner may be employing.

                1. re: bleep75

                  Sad to read about your experience. Seems like the staff are holding on to the attitude they could get away with when it was members only.

                  Funnily enough (or not), I had the same dish as you and also felt that the chilli sauce (which was very takeaway-like) had no place on the same plate as the risotto.

                  Can't help but think that it will survive on view alone and that the people who go there for a special occasion won't know or expect any better.

                  1. re: DollyDagger

                    I am probably a grump but it did not help that the eurotrash next to us got a window seat although I had booked a month in advance and it was for a special occasion.
                    Eurotrash that needed a volume control too - not good.