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Sep 28, 2010 07:24 AM

Bauhaus Buffet in North Wales, PA

I drive past this place to and from work every day... I don't understand it?

There is a new restaurant that just opened on the corner of Main Street and Walnut Street in North Wales

The first signs that were out said "Bauhaus" buffet I thought... oh a German Restaurant...

Then I noticed asian lettering on the awning surrounding that corner of the building

Have any of my fellow suburbanites been here yet?

what kind of food do they have?

Do we really need another asian style buffet?

On a side note, to hijack my own thread.. my husband took my daughter to an Asian buffet in Souderton... the food was HORRENDOUS, not just mildly bad, TERRIBLE!

My daughter commented that she thinks that the people that own these types of places must think very poorly of Americans, that they believe that we eat and enjoy this kind of 'slop'... bright kid. They paid, left and went home and had some leftovers in the fridge for a half decent meal

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  1. Yes, I saw and was as mystified as you are. Haven't had time to check it out, but thought I would restart this thread to see if anybody else has by now.

    1. Thanks for the update on a new place to eat cgarner. Now to respond to the hijacking: if the buffet is the one I think it is, they used to be decent. I went a time or two on saturday night early and was selective about what I ate. Haven't been in quite awhile though. Been meaning to get back to El Cactus, in the same shopping center. Hope they haven't gone downhill as well.
      As far as the people running the buffets, my favorite story is about the one that used to be in Chalfont/New Britain. I took my body builder friend there a few times and I was concentrating on their raw bar, meanwhile he went back for seconds and thirds and fourths on plain unadorned lettuce from the salad bar. It was what he felt like eating and he did tell me on his last trip for more lettuce a couple of the pretty young girls stocking the offerings giggled. :) He thought it was funny too.

      1. This place is not a restaurant. The location that you are describing is a party venue that is rented out to folks having a party.