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Sep 28, 2010 07:19 AM

Fresh Feta?

Does anybody know where I can get some really flavorful, freshly made feta cheese around Boston? I have (sadly) never bought anything besides the TJs, Whole Foods or Athens brands, and I've heard that freshly made feta is significantly more delicious.

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  1. I usually get Bulgarian Feta at Sevan or one of the other of the Armenian bakeries alone Mt Auburn in Watertown. I find it creamy and delicious.

    1. Can't say I've ever had 'fresh' fresh but I'm Greek so pretty particular about store-bought stuff. I like the Dodonis best - you can get it at Kiki's in Brighton (little convenience shop owned by Greeks), Sophia's in Belmont or at most Market Baskets.

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        Also a regular purchase at Costco, Everett.

      2. They have a few different Feta at Roussos, in Watertown that are really fresh and Good

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            Or Eastern Lamejun in Belmont. All of these places not only offer very fresh feta but carry several different types - Bulgarian, Greek, etc. - which makes for interesting taste comparisons.

            Bazaar in Allston carries several varieties of prepacked but fresh feta; I'd bet that any of the other Russian markets (Berezka, also in Allston, the other Bazaar, near Coolidge Corner, etc.) offer fresh feta as well.

          2. We eat a lot of feta in our household, and we've tried multiple different brand offerings (none made in Boston to my knowledge) -- from Arax/Russo etc etc. Rather bizarrely, the very best one we've found is the Bulgarian (no brand??) feta from the Chestnut Hill star market. Do note that this is the only cheese I recommend from here: all the other cheeses are pretty mediocre. We bought it once because we couldn't be bothered to trek to watertown just for some cheese and now it's our first choice. Not sure why this particular one is so good. It is really head and shoulders better than the others. The french feta from arax is another good variety, though significantly more expensive.


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              I'm partial to the Bulgarian (not a prepack,by the pound) at Bazaar in Brookline.