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Sep 28, 2010 06:57 AM

Boston's best pumpkin offerings

'Tis the season for everything pumpkin flavored, and this pumpkin fanatic thinks it's the most wonderful time of the year. I'm sure there are others out there like me, and I'd love to have a comprehensive list of things to try.

My contributions:
-Diesel's Pumpkin Pie Latte
-CBC's Great Pumpkin Ale
-Gingerbread with pumpkin ice cream @ Somerville Flatbread

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  1. I like nearly all of the pumpkin beers, but I really love Wolaver's Pumpkin Ale, which can be found at the Somerville Flatbread as well as a few other places around Boston.

    And not really a seasonal thing, but I like the pumpkin ravioli at Gennaro's in Quincy.

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      I'm also a big fan of pumpkin beers. I find that Beer Works's offering is generally quite good, as is Smuttynose's yearly Pumpkin Ale (they're just over the boarder in NH, so it's at least somewhat local).

      I highly recommend taking a pass on Shipyard's Pumpkinhead (another semi-local, made in ME), which contains zero pumpkin and tastes to me like stale cinnamon gently soaked in a bath of rubbing alcohol. (I was unfortunately suckered in by the packaging two years in a row and am somewhat bitter about the whole thing, in case that's not apparent. I take my pumpkin beer quite seriously!)

      1. re: davis_sq_pro

        Shipyard's Smashed Pumpkin is their superior, much more flavorful pumpkin beer. Careful, though - it's 9% ABV.

    2. Richardson's pumpkin ice cream

      Pumpkin custard at Dok Bua

      1. Available year round and delicious:
        The Afghani dish kaddo (roasted sweet pumpkin with meat sauce and yogurt sauce) - one of the star menu items at Helmand. I'm looking forward to trying it at the new Afghani restaurant in Allston, Ariana.

        There's also a tasty and unusual Burmese dish on the YoMa menu - shrimp with pumpkin.

        1. Don't miss the pumpkin martinis at Artu in the North End. They generally start offering their Fall drinks around now.

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            While I don't think it is a seasonal thing there, Helmand in Cambridge often has pumkin items on their menu. I haven't been in a while, but it was very good back then.

            The Helmand
            143 1st St, Cambridge, MA 02142

          2. I had the pumpkin ice cream at Kimball Farm last night. It was good, but I think the pumpkin flavor was a bit muted. I would like for it to have been more intensely pumpkin.

            I guess I'll have to go back and try it again sometime.

            Kimball Farm
            400 Littleton Rd, Westford, MA 01886