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Pig out spots????

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I'm coming over from England to do the New York marathon and I was wondering if anybody knows of any good pig out spots where the portions are generous so I can treat myself after I've completed the marathon.

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  1. Smoke Joint in Brooklyn. Real America barbecue and big portions. Ordering at the counter means you can always get more.

    The Smoke Joint
    87 S Elliott Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217

    1. katz deli. welcome to new york

      1. This is the outer boro board but Hill Country BBQ, second Katz. Smoke joint was only so-so IMO.

        1. Spot on.... the exact 2 places I was going to recommend!

          1. Golden Mall in flushing would be great. you can just go from one stall to the other. it's a food paradise. BUT, it's probably not that close to where the marathon ends. it might take 40-1hr to get there.

            1. delhi heights-indian buffet. striphouse-steak jointin the city. or go to roosevelt avenue 74th street and walk your way up. the taco carts and random latin bakeries and latin restaurants will blow your mind, portions are very generous too.

              1. i know the last time my gf ran and because it was sunday many places were still serving brunch. If that's the case Maialino is my favorite brunch spot, it's in the city. you could also hit up Sage in long island city for a bacon brunch! i also like Vesta, Ovelia, Omnonia cafe, and Cafe bar (all in astoria) for brunch, but it's hard to screw up brunch!

                34-01 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103