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Sep 27, 2010 09:41 PM

What to eat inQuebec City

I have read the threads and know the recommended places.

But what are specific items that I should try to eat?

French and French Canadian only, please.

Breakfast, desserts, chocolates, cheeses, as well as meal items. What is grown locally, done differently or done best in Quebec City?


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  1. French and French Canadian only, please... yes! but new Quebec cuisine or old traditional french canadian cuisine... big difference.
    New Quebec cuisine with produits du terroirs means products grown, picked or raised around 100km of the city. New Quebec cuisine is also an eclectic cuisine incorporating ingredients from all over the world with influences of different culture. So tell us more

    1. specific items ot Quebec city: the cheese called 'Migneron de Charlevoix' , the cassis liquour called 'Cassis from MOna, at Iles d'Orléans', their sugar pie, their pea soup, their special venison in the fall, great very fresh trouts from the rivers around, luscious fall strawberries from Ilse d'Orléans, great wines. My favorite restaurants: LA fenouillière and MichelAngelo, Laurie Rafael, and the resto at Chateau Frontenac, and LE Lapin Sauté on PetitChamplain street.... and Le Commensal for vegeterian gourmet food at affordable price on St-Jean Street...

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        Thanks Dina! I had read about sugar pie- it sounds like the best cure for my carb-deprived diet.

        Phyero- anything French or French Canadian. Specific food items or dishes, please.