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Beaten to death topic but how about it? Best steak and someone tell me if Circus Circus Steakhouse is really that good and why!

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Is the steakhouse at Circus Circus that good? What to order there? I like the fact that potato, salad or soup, and veg come with the steak, But....after years of card sharks, pit bosses and locals telling me it is awesome can someone please back it up with detail????? going to vegas friday night with my dad. thank you chowhounders, you've never steered me wrong! (no pun intended, i love the Golden Steer!)

Golden Steer
308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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  1. First... ain't nuthin' wrong with the Golden Steer. Great place. Very nostalgic Rat Rack vibe.

    Second... you will NOT get a consensus about any restaurant in any cuisine in Las Vegas. Other than food critics, nobody can ever eat at every restaurant to give an impartial opinion. And I have yet to read a food critic in this town that's really impartial.

    As to the Steakhouse at Circus Circus, before any fancy New York or San Francisco restaurant opened a location in Las Vegas, there was The Steakhouse. For over twenty years, it was considered the best steak restaurant in the city. And it was inexpensive. Now, every Bobby, Mario and Emeril has opened a branch of their famous restaurant here in Las Vegas with resulting prices shooting sky high. The first time I brought my new wife to Las Vegas in 1995, we ate at The Steakhouse. Filets with several sides, wine and tip cost lest than $100 for the two of us. The same meal in 2007 was over $200.

    Here's a good article about all the steakhouses in town.

    Another good article about the difference between wet aged and dry aged.

    BTW, The Steakhouse dry ages their meat in a large, walk-in glass refrigerator in the lobby of the restaurant.

    Golden Steer
    308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

    3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    The Steakhouse at Circus Circus
    2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Winchester, NV 89109

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      i love the steer too! was not implying that there is anything wrong with it! i recommend it and sing its praises all the time!!!!

    2. We haven't been in a few years, but the CC Steakhouse is our preferred place.

      --Dry-aged meat as good or better than the rest in town, with the exception of the ultra-aged stuff at Carnevino (this is an assumption -- we've never been to Carnevino)
      --Good salad and baked 'tater included in the price, which is the same or less than the meat alone would cost at the other places
      --Elegant atmosphere, at least once you get past the screaming brats in the lobby, and the nasty low-end casino

      --So-so side dishes
      --To reach this calm and pleasant oasis, you have to negotiate some unpleasantness -- see above, under "elegant atmosphere" :o)
      --No grilled onions available -- this is almost a deal-killer for me

      1. Circus Circus is a fine steakhouse. It is routinely bashed for not seasoning the meat properly, and I must agree with that. At the end of the day it is not all that much cheaper than many places and getting there isn't so easy (unless you are staying at that end of the strip). I think the steakhouses in Las Vegas are very good, but very expensive. We just came back from Vegas this past week and we were fortunate enough to dine at Charlie Palmers and take advantage of the "Cut of the week" deal. For $48pp, you get 3 courses (all of ours were very good) and endless wine. Yes, endless wine. This is one of, if not THE best deals in LV at the moment. Not to mention I really liked the dining room there

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          wow. just looked at the charlie palmers deal and menu for it. Looks killer. We hit the Steakhouse at Circus Circus. Personally I love the old kitsch and non-sense that is Circus Circus. It reminds me of my youth trip to Vegas. Anyhow, I thought it was fun as Circus Circus is so much different than the rest of the newer Mega-Resorts. The place was cool. Huge cow pictures walking in, an old school bar area, probably one of the earlier open kitchen formats????? That was wheat really struck me. You could smell em' and you could see em'. Big juicy steaks of all cuts grilling on an open flame. Steak was delicious and the prices were better than all of the ala' carte high end joints on the bottom end of the strip. Not that those places aren't great as they are but this was just different. Better? In some ways but not all, you just have to try it if you are into steak joints especially of the old school variety. I am glad I had the experience to eat there. My NY Strip was cooked perfectly medium-rare. I asked for whatever the house Merlot was. It was jut fine. i would hit it again and would rec it to anyone who appreciates older Vegas (what is left of it besides freemont).

          The Steakhouse at Circus Circus
          2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Winchester, NV 89109

          1. re: mcegielski

            Glad you enjoyed CC Steakhouse! I'd pick it any day over Golden Steer.

            Golden Steer
            308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

        2. #1, the juxtaposition of this classic steakhouse inside of a dumpy casino is shocking.

          They dry age the beef, on-site, for 21 days.

          They cook they beef on an apple wood fired grill, which is blazingly hot.

          I've been about 15 times in 10 years, and I have never had an undercooked or overcooked steak there.

          The Sunday brunch with the cooked-to-order petite filets is wonderful.

          The service is invisible and impeccable.

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          1. re: TheBurgerBusters

            Thanks to this thread, my wife, brother-in-law and I ate supper at The Steakhouse at Circus Circus when we were out there just before Christmas. Had a nice time and felt it we received a value for what we paid. Steaks were very good and done as requested, sides and drinks were good, service was very good. As noted supra, the juxtaposition of this place within that casino is something to behold!

            Request to be seated away from the grill up front (where they initially tried to dump us - gave us a nice corner booth in the back when I requested something else) or else you'll reek of smoke.

            The Steakhouse at Circus Circus
            2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Winchester, NV 89109

          2. ive been to Delmonico's at the venitian last year. its pricey but it was worth every penny. the steak was incredibly tender and flavorful. the atmosphere was wonderful and the staff was impecable. i would go there again in a heartbeat for a good steak.

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            1. re: AdamRichmanJr

              Besides serving great steaks, soups, sides, pasta dishes, and desserts are amazing there as well. Emeril Lagasse is renowned for his rich banana cream pie, which is difficult to finish after indulging in two or more prior courses. Delmonico's is my favorite all-purpose restaurant for lunch or dinner in Las Vegas.

              Delmonico's Steakhouse
              3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109