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So, I got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer....now what?

Seriously...what do i do with this thing?

don't bake
don't make fresh pasta

Guess I can grind meats, and make some ice cream (after getting the attachements), but what else can i really do with this thing besides taking up baking?

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    1. Taking up baking wouldn't be a bad thing! They're useful for other things, like mashing potatoes, and mixing batters for pancakes and waffles.

      For a non-baker, a food processor would be a better use of the space.

      1. Common sense says you'd return it and get whatever you really want. Anything more to this situation?

        1. How did you come to acquire such a large and costly appliance for which you seem to have no apparent need?!?

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          1. re: flourgirl

            Wedding gift.

            Guess I'll start baking, make meatballs, and have whipped cream with everything!

            1. re: kuya james

              Return it. But if you keep it, don't make meatballs with it. Talk about overkill. Yikes. Things like that should be handled as little as possible.

          2. I use it to mix up anything and everything. Meatloaf, meat balls, cookie dough, Buffalo Chicken Dip, whipped cream. It's a great tool even without the additional attachments.

            1. Pass it on. The attachments aren't inexpensive and it sounds like you're going out of your way to buy attachments so you can use an expensive, heavy, space consuming piece of equipment.

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              1. re: chowser

                Not really going out of my way. Just trying to figure out other uses for the machine then the standard 'baking' sterotype rep (at least in my mind) this machine gets.

                1. re: kuya james

                  There is no doubt that there's lots of uses for a KA stand mixer outside of baking - but honestly? I never would have purchased one myself if I hadn't become a serious baker.

                1. re: roadfix

                  Ditto the pizza dough. It can rise in the same bowl. Only a couple of ingredients. (Well, so I have been told when I watched a friend preparing it in her mixer.) Though I don't cook often, I enjoy it when I have the time and the right tools. I wonder if would become Wonder Woman if I had a Kitchen Aid mixer.

                2. Tamale masa is one of my favorite uses.
                  The fat has to be whipped for a decent amt of time for it to come out light and tender.

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                  1. re: gordeaux

                    Yes! Forgot about this - I LOVE tamales and keep promising myself I'm going to try making them. Haven't gotten around to it yet but I have a couple of books on the subject, was reading one of them the other day and they talked about this. Made me glad I had a stand mixer.

                    1. re: flourgirl

                      Even with a hand mixer, it's tedious. Stand mixer is awesome for tamales. There are several threads here in the Home Cooking Forum. They are easy to do, just time consuming. If you can, make a smallish batch yourself a few times, and then you create a product you like, then crack the whip and get the family, and or friends involved to make a whole bunch of them one day. They freeze / reheat beautifully.

                  2. If someone gave me one of those things I'd buy a pasta attachment and a sausage maker too. But returning it for something you really need sounds like a much better idea.......... unless the giver was someone for whom it needs to be on display.

                    1. Boy, somebody really loves you to give you that for a wedding gift! If you're absolutely certain you don't wanna learn how to use it, then take it back to the store where it was purchased and make off with the cash! But...... If there's any chance you might start using it, then give yourself six months to a year of really trying and if you feel you're still better off without it, then eBay awaits...!

                      Oh, and I love mine for making bread. And wedding cakes. And lots of fattening foods that I just adore but shouldn't have because I'm allergic to them... They make me swell up! So if you're prone to a weight problem, maybe returning it now and never looking back isn't such a bad plan... You could use the cash for a gym membership! Good luck! '-)

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                      1. re: Caroline1

                        Yeah, that's a good point--the KitchenAid has made it so easy to make some things that it's much easier to put on weight. I made bagels yesterday (well, dough the day before) and it was so fast and easy compared to doing it by hand. Whipped cream? Piece of cake...

                        1. re: chowser

                          Whipped cream *ON* a piece of cake! BAAAAAAD...! Weight Watchers is Watching!

                      2. Make Pizza.

                        Make Pancakes.

                        Make homemade Butter just using cream. Use the buttermilk to make the pancakes I told you to make!

                        Make Cookies.

                        Go to TheFreshLoaf for more inspiration.

                        Did I say make pizza? Try to perfect a certain style of pizza. Check pizzamaking.com - and get a cheap scale.

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                        1. re: DukeOfSuffolk

                          I make pancakes from scratch al the time - and the last thing I would ever use to make them is my stand mixer.

                          1. re: flourgirl

                            I have some pancake recipes that call for whipping the egg whites first. They make an incredibly light, melt in your mouth pancake.

                            1. re: chowser

                              I've made those kind of pancakes too - but I use a hand mixer for stuff like that.

                          2. Honey - Send it to me! I've been wanting one for a really long time and always cringe at the price tag. That plus wondering where I'll store it. Too funny.

                            1. Out of curiosity, why did you buy it? Pretty expensive toy if you don't need it. I have had one for years, but I do bake.

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                              1. re: Mother of four

                                it was mentioned it was a wedding gift.

                                i think the best thing to do is to...send it to me! ;-)

                              2. If I had one, the first thing I'd use it for would be to make dough for Chinese hand pulled noodles.