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Sep 27, 2010 07:43 PM

So, I got a Kitchen Aid stand what?

Seriously...what do i do with this thing?

don't bake
don't make fresh pasta

Guess I can grind meats, and make some ice cream (after getting the attachements), but what else can i really do with this thing besides taking up baking?

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    1. Taking up baking wouldn't be a bad thing! They're useful for other things, like mashing potatoes, and mixing batters for pancakes and waffles.

      For a non-baker, a food processor would be a better use of the space.

      1. Common sense says you'd return it and get whatever you really want. Anything more to this situation?

        1. How did you come to acquire such a large and costly appliance for which you seem to have no apparent need?!?

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          1. re: flourgirl

            Wedding gift.

            Guess I'll start baking, make meatballs, and have whipped cream with everything!

            1. re: kuya james

              Return it. But if you keep it, don't make meatballs with it. Talk about overkill. Yikes. Things like that should be handled as little as possible.

          2. I use it to mix up anything and everything. Meatloaf, meat balls, cookie dough, Buffalo Chicken Dip, whipped cream. It's a great tool even without the additional attachments.