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Sep 27, 2010 07:16 PM

Recommendations for Two Business Dinners near JW Marriott Downtown

I need recommendations for the following two business dinners, hopefully within walking distance of the JW Marriott downtown:

1. Dinner for four at a restaurant with a relatively quiet atmosphere conducive to conversation. Budget? I'd like to stay under $300--less, if possible.

2. Dinner for 16. Not looking for a private room per se (every restaurant that I've called in the area has a food and beverage minimum for their private rooms that I just don't think we'll reach). Can be more casual, more fun ... more of a scene without being crazy loud. Budget? $1200 - 1500, if possible--and, again, I'm more than willing to consider less expensive options!

Thanks for whatever advice you can offer!

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  1. (1) Againn. They cater to business clientele. Good beer list, lots of meat, definitely less than $100/person, unless you get carried away with the Scotch list. Very conducive to conversation.

    (2) Can it be middle eastern? Zaytinya does seating for that many, and apparently they do a special menu for groups that large that people seem to like. I have not been personally for this particular menu. The atmosphere is definitely festive. Or you take everyone to Fogo de Chao - definitely festive, $50/person, all the meat you can eat. Very corporate thing to do.

    1. 1. For this dinner I would consider Zola, Cafe du Parc, or 701...all within walking distance from your hotel.

      2. There are a couple of different choices for this dinner.
      -Bistro d'Oc--the upstairs area can fit 16 people. It's not necessarily a private room but you'll probably take up all the space up there. Not necessarily a scene but a great French bistro that can fit a group your size.
      -Cafe Atlantico- You might be able to fit your group at a large table on the very top floor. We held my bf's birthday dinner up there 2 years ago with 13 people. Great nuevo latin food with delicious cocktails.
      -Ceiba- More Nuevo Latin cuisine. Walking distance to the hotel with a number of large rooms.