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Honeycrisps in T.O.?

Anyone seen them around? They're my fave apple! Bonus points for anyone who's seen organic ones.

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  1. I love honeycrisps! I haven't seen them out yet and have definitely been keeping an eye out for them. If I recall correctly, last year, they didn't come out until later in the fall. I remember them showing up at Bruno's first, then at Loblaws a little while later.

    1. They're later than most. Anyone who really likes 'em needs to get out on the GTA fringes rather than buy from grocers. Frankly, I think they're over-rated relative to good examples of the older varieties for eating and cooking.

      1. Someone had them at the Brickworks Market last Saturday. Safe to assume they will be back next weekend. They had honeycrisp, gala, courtland and something else. One variety was organic the others low spray but I can't recall which was which.

        1. Pretty sure I saw them at Fiesta Farms last weekend...

          Fiesta Farms
          200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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            Honeycrisp at Whitamore Farms - Steeles east of Markham Road and
            pick your own at Applewood Farms in Stouffville - great little winery there - have some samples
            when you are finished picking.

          2. Lady York has them for $1.99/lb. Been eating them all week ;)

            1. Bought some at Fortinos in Burlington this week. They're good but my personal favourites are Pink Ladies... still waiting for these to appear.

              1. Bought a bag at Costco on the weekend.

                1. Got some organic ones at Loblaws on the weekend.

                  1. The fruit guy at the east end of the Wychwood market had them last weekend.

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                      Brantview Farms, the apple vendor at Nathan Philip Square on Wednesdays, has Honeycrisps.

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                        They've been for sale both inside and the outside stands of the St. Lawrence Market's farmers' north building for the past three Saturdays. Also on some commercial fruit stands in the south building. Price ranges between $1 to $1.50 an apple, depending on size and whether or not it's organic. Very tasty, but then just about any fresh-picked apple nowdays is tasty. Still, honeycrisp seems to weather the trip from tree to fruitstand a little better than most.

                        St. Lawrence Market
                        92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

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                          Talk about extortionate pricing! You need to check the Foodland Ontario listings, etc. and buy outside the GTA.

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                            By comparison the main apple seller at the Brickworks sells a basket that holds 12-15 apples for 8 or 9 dollars.

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                              They're around half that much at the orchards around Brampton and probably in better shape plus you can buy small or large size apples in almost any variety that's available.

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                                Yeah but.....who wants to drive to Brampton?? Not for me, thanks. I'll pay the extra.

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                                  No worries. Your money, your loss. Farmgate apples rock.

                        2. Whole Foods almost always has 'em.

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                            Whole Foods did have organic Ontario Honey Crisps tonight. Expensive, but really delish.

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                              They also have them all year round so once some of the farmers' markets are over it's a good place to stock up.

                          2. i bought my basket at the etobicoke farmers market on saturday.

                            1. Well, damn. Clearly I haven't been looking closely enough!

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                                I was underwhelmed with the Honey Crisps I had this year. (I usually get them in Waupoos when I am home in Picton.) The farm owner said they were having problems with a skin disease this year and steered me to the Jonagolds, which she said were related, and only 40% of the price of HC. ($8 for 1/2 bushel vs $20) They were the best apples I've eaten in years.

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                                  Jonagolds are killer but get passed up by the crowds after the HCs. Heard the same thing from growers in Halton and Peel who find HCs fragile and uneven bearers.

                              2. I got my first ones of the season about a week ago at Pusateri's on Church St. They were HUGE!

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                                1. Honeycrisps are great for growing in the Prairies where it is tough to grow most apples and sweet apples in particular. Locally they are good if you compare them to Okanogan Valley or Washington State yellow delicious. This is no great compliment. Locally , they are on a par with a drinkable but coarse red wine.
                                  Incidenatly, I think that Honeycrisp is significantly better if grown on the Praries. The terroir.

                                  I believe that the fascination with and high price of Honeycrisp comes from people being raised on supermarket Pamela Lee style apples. Finally something a bit better- and it doesn't have rust - yuck!

                                  Don't t think much of Pink Lady either. Like an obviously constructed wine.

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                                    Last year I had Honeycrisps from the Okanagan Valley. They were heavenly!

                                  2. $1.99 at Metro :)
                                    Yummm! Got myself a bagful. Love love love.

                                    1. Went apple picking at Willis Family Farm in Milton a couple of weekends ago and their Honeycrips were already picked over three weeks ago. $1.5/lb for all apples in their orchard. The macouns are most excellent.


                                      1. They are in the Loblaws sale flyer for the week starting tomorrow. $1.99/pound

                                        1. $2.49 for organic honey crisps @ longo's on ponytrail. they are from the US. non-organic go for $1.99 and are from ontario.

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                                          1. re: lilaki

                                            Try a Jonagold sometime. For me, a way better sweet apple than the oversold Honeycrisp.

                                            1. re: Kagemusha

                                              Depends on how big, where is was grown and strain.

                                              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                                                What doesn't? These large fancies came from just outside Brampton, same orchards. Honey Crisps weren't as flavorful as the Jonagolds which were also cheaper. I see Honeycrisps as hyped sucker bait that separates people from $ quicker than other varieties. Buck an apple? Only in Hogtown...

                                              2. re: Kagemusha

                                                I agree, we picked Jonagold this past weekend at Froot-to-go in Waterdown. After trying the samples, it was much tastier than the Honeycrisps.

                                                1. re: sasgirl

                                                  Compared to last year's gawdawful apple crop, all varieties are superb this year and better priced thanks to higher yields.

                                            2. I've gotten Honeycrisps the last few weekends at the Evergreen Farmer's Market and the one at Wychwood Barns as well. $8.00 for 7 or 8 big ones and they taste amazing!

                                              1. I went to Yummy Market , a big Russian deli. They had 15 kinds of apples- apples are a Slavic favourite. Would be a Mecca, and still may be because there is no real option. The problem is that the apples were all Pamalee-esque. They had Honeycrisp. This one was American, hybridized for colour, and I would guess grown in someplace temperate outside its natural terroir. It tasted as if from the box that it came in, and was relatively insipid. Also a bit past its prime. But it looked great. Wouldn't have it again unless there was nothing better.

                                                Yummy Market has apples in a bin from Paul Tiveron in Ruthven. Ruthven is about as far south in Ontario as you can get . Tiveron's grows warmer climate apples and they are usually good; hard to find better.

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                                                1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                                                  Why would you bother when fresher, better, local applers are scattered all around the fringes of the GTA?

                                                  1. re: Kagemusha

                                                    My favourit egrowers are in Newcastle, Grimsby and Ruthven. Too far to go - usually.

                                                    I went to Arz, much better than Yummy Market, which is surprising. The Arz people are Lebanese Armenian . The climate is too warm- Syria imports apples from the Golan Heights, and they really are not worth eating except for nostalgia.

                                                    Anyway, Arz had 10 -12 kinds, smaller, not overmature and cheaper. Much better bet. Also their pita may be the best in North America.

                                                    Sorry , no Honeycrisps.

                                                    OIn any event , apples for best taste need a few frosts and they haven't had them this year so far.

                                                    1909 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA

                                                    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                                                      "OIn any event , apples for best taste need a few frosts and they haven't had them this year so far."

                                                      What? They're usually picked before any frost. Lots of good local apples available if you're willing to drive out to edges of the GTA.

                                                      1. re: Kagemusha

                                                        Early apples are of course early. That late apples are picked before a frost is the problem. The frost brings out the sugars.
                                                        What you can do is leave them outside in the bag. But a frost , not a freeze.

                                                        Incidentally even the red and yellow delicious apples at Arz were good, and these varieties are often problematic. There is an skill in the selection, though.

                                                        I recommend the visually challenged pita at the bottom of the shelves at Arz. Half price.

                                                        1909 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA

                                                2. Costco has Honeycrisp apples at $1.49 a lb . They are OK , but you can do better at this time of the year. Better than the Granny Smith that shows up here.

                                                  Costco's are softer in taste and texture and very wet, (that is to say, heavy). I think a consequence of the strain of teh apple and the wet summer.

                                                  Try Arz. See posts above.