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Sep 27, 2010 06:35 PM

Hearth is always so good

Went to Hearth tonight for dinner and had a great meal.. As our local go-to gourmet place (upper east village), we come here quite a bit, and I don't think that I have ever had a bad meal here.

Tonight I started with the mozzarella salad, which was amazing. Fresh greenmarket tomatoes and roasted marinated peppers with the softest most creamy mozzarella cheese...really a showcase for all of the ingredients.

Wife had the sucrine lettuce salad, which was very summery with diced corn.

For entrees wife had the cacciocco, which was a very nicely prepared "cioppino" type dish, but less saucy...very nice tomato and fish flavors

I had the beef and onions dish which featured braised short rib with onion marmalade, roasted flat iron steak, bone marrow, pickled and grilled beef tongue, and confit beef heart with a consumme jus.

DAMN was this good....side of gnocchi too.....

dessert was the blackberry financier, which was awesome.

Great service, great food, always reliable. Hearth is a real gem in the city. Highly recommend.

403 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10009

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    1. Back again last night. Wow...what a fantastic place. I really can't believe that Insieme got a Michelin star (last year at least) and this has never cracked Bibendum's list.

      Sat at the Chef's pass again, Conora at the helm. Yelled at Fish station alot, which made me feel a little bad for the guy, but what are you going to do.

      Wife had the Cucina Poverna fixed price menu, I ate a la carte.

      Started with the Salmon belly tartare, with honeycrisp apples, which was great...could have used a little more fish (i love the size of Gotham's tartare dish), but great flavor combo. Wife had the escarole salad, which was ok, not nearly as good as the salads we had the last time we were there.

      In between apps and mains, we had some of the gnocchi, which were the perfect butter and cheese delivery devices. So light and fluffy, but not mushy at all.

      For mains I had the duck. Get this. Skin rendered perfectly, amazing flavor and sauce. Giant portion size.

      Wife had the braised veal breast. A little fatty, and not rolled up like in the past, but very very "vealy" and the polenta was on point.

      We were also comped a side of the pomme purree, which was OMG so much creamy.

      Shared the coffee bundino, which was great.

      This is definitely one of the best places in the E Village. 4 thumbs up from Doubledoc and his wife!

      1. I wish I could share your enthusiasm, but for me there were a few misses. That said, I recognize that there were some real high points to my experience at Hearth, and I would be happy to go back.

        I went there for a business dinner last week, and I have to say that the ambiance was perfect. Our service was generally good, except for when the server curtly reprimanded a staff member for pouring water as he was speaking to us. It was uncomfortable and really something he should have done in private afterwards.

        I started with the Sweetbreads Piccata. I found the dish quite over-salted, which is unfortunate because I love sweetbreads, and I was seriously considering other appetizers (they all sound delicious). Before you jump on me asking whether I complained, I didn't want to do so at a business dinner. It was just disappointing.

        I split the two pastas (which they were kind enough to let me do): the lamb pappadelle and the cavatelli. The Cavatelli was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. While the flavors in the lamb pappadelle were quite good, I couldn't stand the rosemary leaves/needles. I found the texture really unpleasant with the smoothness of the pasta (almost like sharp little twigs).

        The desserts were quite good -- my table shared two orders of the apple cider doughnuts, the cheesecake and the cookie plate. The doughnuts were the clear winner. Mmmmmmm.

        Everyone else seemed to enjoy their dishes.

        Hearth gets extra points for being so kind to send me a copy of my itemized receipt that I accidently threw away.

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        1. re: IntrepidNook

          That is pretty interesting.. our server steered me away from the sweetbreads and parpadelle

          1. re: doubledoc

            I wish mine had -- especially because I was torn between a couple of choices and asked for his input. He encouraged me to pick the sweetbreads and to split the two pastas. Again, I really do want to give it another shot because there were many things on the menu that appealed to me.