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Sep 27, 2010 05:42 PM

Murrays of cayce or pawleys front porch

So my wife and I will be flying into Charlotte from Boston and driving down to charleston. I want to stop on the way down in Columbia for a burger. I have narrowed my burger choices down to the aforementioned restaurants. I am curious as to which place the locals that read this posting send me. I will go to whichever one receives the most votes

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  1. Pawley's has the better atmosphere by a mile, and is located in the funky, college district known as Five Points.
    Murray's has the better burger, and is located in an old grocery store shopping center in industrial / working class Cayce.

    It depends on what you like, but my vote is Murray's for the burger itself.

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    1. re: UrDaddy

      Thanks it looks like Murray's it is!!

      1. re: UrDaddy

        I think the crucial phrase here is "burger itself." If by "burger itself" UrDaddy means just the meat, then I can agree with him. The meat tastes somewhat better and somewhat juicier at Murray's than at Pawley's. But there is more to the burger than just the meat, and if you look beyond the meat, Pawley's is very interesting (unusual, hi-quality ingredients) and Murray's is rather mundane. So I guess it does indeed depend on what you like.

        That said, while both Murray's and Pawley's are good, I don't see Columbia as much of a burger town, so it strikes me as strange to aim for a burger in Columbia. Perhaps a better choice would be some place like Hunter Gatherer, which usually does have a pretty good burger on the menu, brews its own beers on site, and has a great atmosphere. Or Mr. Friendly's, which, despite the cheesy name, serves a slightly fancier version of some Southern staples, along with sandwiches and great big salads. They have a couple of burgers on the menu, too, but I have never tried them.

        1. re: north2south

          north2south, Thanks for the reply. I am not sure why I settled on a burger either. I really am just looking for a good old Souhtern pub/bar where my wife and I can get that "local" feeling. We are interested in good food and good drink in a funky local atmosphere where we get that "Southern Feeling" prior to arriving in Charleston. Preferably the joint should be somewhere near Columbia as we should be near Columbia in the late morning.

          1. re: Picklesmcd

            If it is not too late, Pickles, and if it is lunch you'll be here for, and if you are still in the mood for a burger, I'd now suggest Cock n' Bull. See this thread: