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Sep 27, 2010 05:40 PM

In search of the BEST BREAD PUDDING recipe!

My husband and I had the most amazing bread pudding when we visited the Tate Modern Restaurant several years ago. I've been hunting around for a recipe since and haven't come across one that was even close. A chef friend of mine said that what makes it so tasty is the "suet" is that true?

This is what is currently listed on their lunch menu:

Sticky toffee pudding with hot fudge sauce and clotted cream

It sounds pretty close to what we tried. Does anyone have any suggestions or has tried this recent pudding listed?

I would love to make it for the holidays! Thanks!

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  1. Sticky toffee pudding is not a bread pudding per se. I think I'm right in saying it's not made with bread at all - it's more of a cake that's made with dates. Bread puddings are made often with brioche or any white bread. I'm not sure where you are from but in the UK, desserts are often referred to as puddings... maybe that's the confusion.

    I had the best sticky toffee pudding last week in Cornwall... I will dream about it for years!

    1. Zuriga's right that sticky toffee pudding and bread pudding (I'm thinking of bread-and-butter pudding) are two very different things. I'd think it was unlikely that the sticky toffee pudding was made with suet, as suet puddings are generally steamed and a sticky toffee pudding is traditionally a baked sponge with dates and toffee sauce. Which isn't to say that you coudln't make a suet version, but it's not the usual recipe. You might have more luck over on the home cooking board...

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      1. Sticky toffee pudding is something completely different from Bread pudding. I guess that what you actually had was Bread and Butter pudding, an old fashioned British dessert that has been reinvented in recent years. You will find any number of recipes with a google search. At its most basic it is layers of buttered white bread covered in a milk, egg and sugar mix that is baked until it sets. You will find in a search that there are many variations possible. Most recently I have made an alternative Christmas dessert with it by slicing panettone (chocolate panettone if I can get it), spreading with butter and orange marmalade, laying spread side down in a lasagne type oven proof dish. I then make up a custard mix of eggs, milk/cream (the richer the better IMO) and sugar. Pour this over the panettone and bake until set and brown on top. Serve with heavy cream to pour over.

        1. Just in case you want a bread pudding recipe (as opposed to a sticky toffee pudding), Suzanne Goin's Caramelized Bread Pudding With Chocolate & Cinnamon is fabulous.

          1. Thank you everyone for your prompt responses. I'm from the States so pudding is equivalent to something like a Jello-pudding cup as opposed to a cake. What I had did have an extremely moist cake-like texture and I don't think that it was make out of bread per se. I will investigate your recommendations for recipes and see how close I can get to what I found at the Tate Modern.