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Sep 27, 2010 05:20 PM

The Plate Restaurant in Ridgefield,CT

Has anyone been to the new Italian restaurant in Ridgefield called The Plate? Tiny place fabulous food, BYOB, but extremely noisy.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. No responses? Plate just got a very nice review in the Stamford Advocate's Go (Thursday Entertainment Supplement). I was particularly intrigued by the idea of the "Sunday Gravy" offering. Can anyone enlighten me? Are they still BYOB, because I believe the article mentioned they are now serving wine? Is there a bar area, or just restaurant seating?

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        Hi, Jadelise. I see that I am quite late to your question, but as an owner of Plate, I would be more than happy to speak on Sunday gravy.

        Sunday gravy is steeped in the tradition of Sunday dinner at grandma’s house. It is a pasta tasting that is served in a family style.

        With checked covered table clothes and wine served in jelly jars, we invite families to join us between 2:30-6:30pm.

        For a moderate cost, you will enjoy bread, salad and of course…pasta. We serve 3 different types of pasta every Sunday. The warm pan is dropped directly on the table, and you are invited to help yourself. Typically you will find a vegetable, meat and seafood pasta. The chef is always open to dietary restrictions and suggestions.

        There are also meats offered a la carte.

        Please call us for reservations or further details @ 203.894.8184


      2. Was going to a show at the high school, so I made a last minute early reservation. Although I was only the second person there, at 5:45, it was Saturday evening and so it filled up rather quickly. It is a small room, seating about 25 plus a few seats at the bar. Decorated rather sparsely, but one wall is full of their wine supply--rather impressive to look at. Everyone is greeted warmly at the door and by the effusiveness of some welcomes, there were many repeat customers.

        The friendly and attentive waiter brought an amuse bouche (I've been wanting to use that in a sentence for years) of chopped tomato and herbs along with an interesting flat bread. Their wine list occupied two pages with quite a few offered by the glass. I opted for the Zen of Zin (or was it the Zin of Zen?), primarily for the name, but it was not bad at all. For an antipasto I chose the Vegetable Napoleon, which turned out to be an elaborate layered construction of beet, portobello mushroom, and thinly sliced squash accompanied by lettuce, beet leaves, radicchio, viniagrette and a sort of creme fraice made of goat cheese. Unusual, but very good. For a main course I had the Osso Buco, which was made from pork that night, but even though I prefer the lamb version, the meat was plentiful and tender. It was served in a big oval bowl swimming with veggies (carrot, broccoli raab) swimming in a tasty sauce with "dirty pepe" peppercorn pasta, and I had plenty to take home. For dessert, I opted for the chocolate torte with molten chocolate in the middle with a nut laden ice cream on the side. The bill was reasonable, considering the charges in many SW CT restaurants, and I left with a contented stomach ready to enjoy the show. I'll try to visit again the next time I'm in the area, since I want to try the Bolognese Pappardelle and Scallop Stew that some neighbors ordered.

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          Forgot to mention, it is a little hard to find, being on the lower level of the SW end of the Heritage common area.

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            this was the site of the late lamented Insiemmi restaurant, off the the beated track, in ridgefield. Understand the owner died of cancer. Sounds like the new incarnation carries on his fine Italiano legacy.