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Sep 27, 2010 05:07 PM

[London] Yum Buns and more @ at Broadway Market (New area)

Broadway Market seems to be a really thriving these days and I recently discovered a whole new market has sprung up in the school yard at the London Fields end.. There are about 6 new stalls there, selling a variety of things including great looking steak sandwiches from the Argentine restaurant A La Cruz, some gourmet sausages, cupcakes, Churros and a stall selling Mexican fajitas.

The one that really caught my eye however was the 'Yum Bun' stand.. Inspired by the much hyped Momofuku pork buns in New York, a voluptuous slab of tender slow roast belly pork, crunchy cucumber and spring onion is enveloped in a moist, pillowy steamed bun, embellished with a choice of sauce (i found the classic hoisin to work best, although there were other options including a chili sauce which worked well too). You've got the best of both worlds between a crispy duck pancake and a steamed Chinese pork bun. So addictive I think I'm going to have to go back for more next week.

Looking forward to trying some of the other stuff on offer too..

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  1. BTW, the momofuku pork buns are derived from a Fujian/Taiwanese dish -- I believe Leong's Legends has it on their menu.

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    1. re: limster

      You're right - they call it a pork kebab and its served with chopped peanuts and a fatty slice of slow cooked pork in a pilllowy steamed bun - delicious.

      1. re: bleep75

        Any comparisons between Yum Buns and LL's? Or are they so different that it would be apples to oranges?

        1. re: limster

          haven't tried Yum Buns but I do dream of LLs pork kebabs and their garlic shoots

          1. re: bleep75

            Ah, never noticed the LL offering - will have to try them soon. Be under no illusion that the Yum Buns are trying to be 'authentic'. These are more Asian-American style, but done well, i thought. Good for munching whilst wandering the market.

    2. BTW, iirc, the churros stall is the same as the one in Portobello Road Market (Garcia's).

      1. These guys seem to be doing really well and getting about - saw them at the Thames Festival last week with a super cool customised steamer cart!!

        The merchandise was as yummy as ever - the original pork buns are as good as ever, but the meaty portabello mushroom one with miso and walnut glaze are a winner too (and im not one to often choose the non-meat option!)

        They are now part of Eat Street, so expect to see them around and about!

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        1. re: foreignmuck

          Thanks for the update - the walnut and miso glaze sounds great -- anything like the walnut miso at Koya, or are the 2 ingredients more separate?

          1. re: limster

            i've never had the walnut miso at koya so cant comment

            The mushrooms are sauteed in butter and put in a steamed bun. Then the special sweet miso based sauce is slathered on top with crunchy toasted walnuts tossed in separately.

            1. re: foreignmuck

              Sounds good, will have to try soon. Do give the udon with walnut miso at Koya a try if you happen to eat there.