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Sep 27, 2010 04:56 PM

Update on my reservations

Thanks for the suggestions on the earlier thread,

Here is what I have been able to book. I was not able to get reservations at Frenchie or Spring.

Oct 22 - l’Ami Jean
Oct 23 - Guy Savoy
Oct 24 - Nothing Yet --any suggestions for a Sunday??
Oct 25 - Joséphine chez Dumonet
Oct 26 - Regalade St Honoré

Will be in Burgundy 27 til the 30th ...I need a reservation for the 30th. What are the chances of a cancellation at Frenchie or Spring on a Saturday night.

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  1. Check a few threads down and search for Sundays; we've exhausted the possibilities.

    One addition is Les Grandes Tables du 104, aka Street Food, 104 rue Aubervilliers/5 rue Curial in the 19th,, closed Sundays after 6 PM and Mondays, 3 course menu = 28 E. Pix at John Talbott's Paris hot off the press.