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Sep 27, 2010 04:25 PM

Store, extended warranty, and service for new Miele dishwasher?

Hi all,

We're in the market for a new dishwasher. Have a Kenmore Elite about 6 years old and have absolutely had it with the machine and Sears service.

Many great discussions here have me pointed at a Miele (it was that or Bosch). Most Miele owners love it and report few problems with machine or service, while Bosch owners seem split about 50/50.

So, if you have a Miele dishwasher (or maybe other appliance), where did you purchase it? And if you got an extended warranty, did you purchase it separately or at the appliance store where you bought the machine? Do you go through the manufacturer for service, go independently, or go through the store?

I liked the salesman we worked with at The Great Indoors here in Orange County, but he waited till the end to spring on me that they are in fact a sister company of Sears, so service would be through them (albeit with Miele-certified techs). THAT SCARES ME!

Any advice or experience on your Miele purchase would help us out a lot. Thanks in advance!


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  1. damselfly, we purchased our Miele dishwasher in 2003 as a close-out from a by-then no longer Miele authorized dealer which (who?) had decided (or it had been decided for it) no longer to carry the Miele line. We learned then (and have confirmed since) that Miele has a special relationship with its end users anyway. If you need service, Miele sends the part to you, the registered owner, and the Miele-authorized service person meets the part in your home. You do have to use Miele-authorized service personnel.

    Therefore, if you decide to opt for an extended warranty, you should get it from Miele, not the retailer from whom you purchase the Miele.

    But, honestly, based on our anecdotal one-unit experience, we could not recommend to spend money on an extended warrranty. We have had our Miele for seven years, use it every day, and it is still as new. Miele builds to last.

    "There are only two kinds of dishwashers: (1) Miele, and (2) all others."

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      Thanks Politeness. Very interesting!! Glad to hear you are still positive about your Miele. I have been washing dishes by hand for two months now and am getting really sick of it. :(

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        I've been hand washing my dishes, pots and pans, etc. since December .... :-(

        My old home had a really good Kenmore dishwasher which provided me with great service for ~10 years and still works great. I wish I still lived in that house.

    2. Politenesse's experience duplicates mine. I'm on my 2nd Miele dw (the first one lasted without problems for 20+ years). We bought ours from an authorized dealer who does a huge Miele business so they are very experienced with installation which is a big plus. The few times we've needed service, we called Miele. They come when they say they will & they fix it the first time.

      Miele is an exemplary company in my long experience with their products (we also have the vacs, laundry equipment, cooktop & oven). I just won't buy anything else any more...

      Buy with confidence but I wouldn't mess around with Sears & I wouldn't bother with an extended warranty. For service -- if you ever need it --call Miele. Actually, they can sometimes talk you through the problem over the phone...

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        We, too, have a 4-year-old Miele dishwasher that we purchased at Warehouse Discount Center; you are in Orange County (I am in Ventura County) so you might know of these WDC stores. I agree with everything that both Politeness and fauchon have said.

        I strongly advise against servicing your Miele dishwasher with Sears; if you do so, you are a victim of their service schedule. We had a previous washing machine contract with Sears Service and we found it very difficult to secure prompt service. One time they told us that they could service our washing machine in about ten days-to-two weeks.

        Miele service is quite responsive and prepared to address Miele problems with Miele parts. I would not consider any other options.

      2. Our Miele was purchased from a large appliance discount store and when we needed service, it was provided by Miele. We also have been happy with both the appliance and the service.

        1. Have had my Miele for two years and as far as I'm concerned it's the only way to go. I do know that in order for the warranty to be in affect you must have it installed by Mile and have it served by them. I have not needed any service and did not buy an extended warranty, in fact I honestly can't remember that it was even offered. Stay away from Sears...their service is horrible to say the least.

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            Well, we got our new machine. I decided on a Diamante Plus to add the water softener. I have done glassware by hand forever (everyday glasses -- not stemware), and it would be great if this feature makes that unnecessary. We went to a big but family-owned appliance place here (Renwes), and really liked the service. They recommended service through Miele and didn't think the extended warranty necessary, but said to get it through Miele if we wanted it. So nice not to get the usual pressure of the warranty! The installation will be through a Meile-certified tech so we'll have the 2-year to start with anyway.

            It is being installed tomorrow and I'm excited. My wonderful DH wanted to go stainless (I was OK with white), and he insisted we change out the compactor and microwave at the same time to match. What a guy!!!

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              I can hear your excitement, darnselfly!
              Similarly, I didn't care about the stainless, but my DH preferred it. We have found it pretty easy to maintain with the specific products that are designed for stainless surfaces.
              I know you will enjoy your new Miele dishwasher!

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                Sounds wonderful, you will love it. Did you get the third rack for the silverware? I love it! I have this in Fl and wish that I had it in MI. We had gotten a Kenmore a few years earlier so we are stuck with it.

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                  I love, love, love it so far! Cleans flawlessly. This model does have the top cutlery tray and it's great. Finding a good loading strategy is taking a bit of time but it seems to pack in more than I thought it would.

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                    "Finding a good loading strategy is taking a bit of time..."

                    Yes, I remember having to adjust my loading habits. Still, after a few years, I have not found that there is any single best way to place the dishes. What I have found, however, is that there are many ways to load these shelves; it really depends on what dirty dishes you have each time. The shelves are very adjustable in a variety of ways and can accommodate your load if you just keep playing with various "fits."

                    I, too, love the top cutlery tray. I have found that if I take the time to load the spoons together, the forks together, etc., then the unloading is mindless and quick.

                    darnselfly, I was wondering how you were doing. Thanks for reporting back!

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                      So happy to hear that you bought it and love it. Isn't that cutlery trey wonderful...so easy to unload.
                      When I win the lottery I will buy the fridge,oven,etc!!! Wouldn't that be the best, a whole kitchen of Miele appliances!

              2. We have had the Miele for about ten years. We use it at least once a day, but often 2-3x a day. There has never been a problem. We regularly clean the food catching thing at the bottom. We put the nicer crystal and the sterling silver in it as well. I think the stand out point of the Miele is that it is SILENT. seriously! I can not tell you how many times I have opened the dishwasher while it was in full cycle running because it is so quiet I assume it must be off.
                This is especially important if you eat in your kitchen.