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Sep 27, 2010 03:26 PM

Montreal for 3 days

I'm a foodie from NYC who'll be in Montreal for 3 days and need restaurant suggestions that are in the moderate price range. I'll be going to Au Pied de Cochon one night. Staying in the St. Denis (University) area but I'll have a car so I'm not limited to that neighborhood, but it's always nice not to drive.

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  1. Can you tell us more on what you like and dislike ?

    1. Um just some thoughts on some recent places we've tried...

      if you are from out of town and looking for a little bit touristy (not too toursity) of a restaurant. Brasserie T in Place des Festivals (where they have the Jazz fest) was excellent. Nothing on the menu is over 20$ although you would never guess it from the atmosphere. Classy place excellent food. Even though it is in a touristy spot it is not at all gaudy or tacky. Although you can get a little glimpse of the giant fountain thingy at night outside.

      Trois petits bouchons on st denis Close to laurier metro. Its known for their wines. Its a bit more expensive than the brasserie t place but the food is AMAZING! The staff is super enthusiastic about their food and wines. Really love this place. If you like charcuteries this is the place for you.

      For breakfast/brunch there is Sparrow on St. Laurent in mile end area. Long line ups but well worth the wait.

      ohohoh and Dominion pub. for supper. you would never guess the amazing place that lies inside this seeming hole in the wall south of st catherine. Food is Fabulous! Quiet place though (at least last time i went) but if you're in the area i would definately check it out

      btw with all the construction going on its best to find a place to park your car for the time you are here and then just take the metro or bus to get to places.

      Hope this helps.... enjoy your stay!

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        here is the menu for dominion tavern so you can see prices,
        ... they only open at 5pm on weekends. Montreal has terrific deals on lunches during the week but also have late night specials starting at 9pm or 10pm at many well known restaurants, this way you could go to a place for a glass of wine or cocktail and then head on to an interesting restaurant for a moderate priced meal, or you could also try out the bring your own booze restaurants throughout the city

      2. Can you clarify with a price-range what you consider "moderate" for prices? Cities vary so much that it's hard to know.