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Sep 27, 2010 03:17 PM

Margaret's in Fairhaven

My DW and I found ourselves driving through Acushnet stopping at the various orchards this weekend and I decided to take the extra 15 minutes and head over to Main Street in Fairhaven. It had been several years since I had the pleasure to eat at Margaret's and I'm glad to be a able to report it's still a hidden gem that gives you AMAZING value for your dining dollar. We were there for lunch and we started with a "cup" of clam chowder. It's actually a small bowl, and was a delicious non-thickened, briney and creamy base loaded with chopped clam, fresh thyme, and red bliss potatoes. Definately a product of a skilled hand. I had the oven roasted Halibut with linguica, tomatoes, onion, and rice with a outstanding fish stock and a touch of a citrus beurre blance. Fresh as can be and perfectly prepared for only $8.95. My DW had the fried local sea scallops ($12.95), which given the number of scallop dishes on the menu, were exceedingly fresh and sweet and tender. It came with decent fries, a nice house made slaw, and a terrific homemade tartar sauce. We both loved the complimentary house made focaccia bread that was loaded with carmelized onion. Total bill including two sodas was $29 pre tip. The two rooms are small, but bright, airy and cheerful. It's not unusual to find a wait and no reservations are available. If you should get there and there's a's worth it.

Here's a not entirely accurate menu:

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  1. havent been in a few years,thanks for the update,they always had a great scallop based menu as i remember,were on it!!

    1. Thanks for the current review. I had heard that Margaret's had closed and they opened a place next door with a liquor license. I guess that isn't true.

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        I believe they opened a 'sister' restaurant next door that sells alcohol, but the original lives on.

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          Their two restaurants are at opposite ends of the same building ... it looks like they might have 1 kitchen between them, but I'm not sure. They seem to be referred to as "margaret's and elizabeth's" never just one or the other -- they are 2 separate places, but friends from that area refer to them like they are siamese twins.

          Excellent calamari, with linguica mixed in.

          1. re: cape year rounder

            An ice cream shop sits between them, so they are actually in different buildings and couldn't share the same kitchen. Is Elizabeth's as good as Margaret's? Excepting the obvious liquor license, how would you say the two differ?