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Sep 27, 2010 02:47 PM

Celebration Lunch for 2 at a Paso Robles Winery?

I have read the many threads on the wineries to hit and to avoid - thanks to all for the great info. I plan to be up there in October and I wanted to surprise my husband with a lunch at one of the wineries (or in a nearby excellent restaurant). Does anyone have a suggestion? Price is not an object this time :)

This is just for the two of us, by the way, not for a group.

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  1. Justin is the only winery I can think of that has a restaurant, but I think their wines have gone downhill while the prices have continued to rise. It's also a schlep to get there, at the end of the road.

    What kind of wines are you looking for? You might do better visiting the park in Paso Robles and tasting from the nine or so wineries in the Meritage Lounge, where you can also get small plates of food, or stop in at Edward Sellers tasting room on the other side of the park then go for a nice lunch and any one of the great lunch spots in the area.

    Meritage Lounge
    810 11th St.

    1. The food at Justin (Deborah's Room) is very good though the lunch menu is limited. Nice setting w/ view of flower garden and "VIP" section of winery. It is a drive to get there but a recommended one worth taking- a very pleasant variety of changing scenery. Despite what prev poster wrote the wines are pretty good, maybe over priced but still worth a tasting to judge for yourself.

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        Thanks to both of you for the good advice!

      2. Stay away from eating at wineries, except for special Holiday dinners. Paso Robles and Templeton have geat resturants. Thats where we locals eat. For Paso Robles, Bistro Laurent is wonderful for lunch and dinner and in Tempelton, McPhee's is one of the best. Don't forget the Eastside wineries, Pear Valley, Bianchi, J Lohr, Sylvester, and Eberle with their 16,000 sq ft of caves.

        Bistro Laurent
        1202 Pine St, Paso Robles, CA 93446

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          Since we're adding dinners to the OP's lunch request, I'd throw Il Cortile, Artisan, and Thai Basil into the mix, all in Paso Robles.