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Sep 27, 2010 02:36 PM

Coffee/ Coffee Shop in Hamden, CT area?

Hello! Headed for annual trek to Hamden, Ct. and would love any suggestions for a Coffee Shop that has serious (preferably Fair or Direct Trade?) coffee OR in which I can sit and work for a couple of hours - the two not always being synonymous. Thanks!

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  1. If I'm looking for food as well as coffee, I like Bread & Chocolate on Whitney Avenue. It's as much a bakery as a coffee shop, and the baked goods are really good. Not sure what the hanging out to work situation would be.

    But you are not at all far from downtown New Haven. Willoughby's has two shops in New Haven, one on York and the other on Church Street. Their coffee is fabulous and the Ethiopean Yrgacheffe they offer is something I always keep on hand. It's what gets me up and on my feet in the morning.

    But a more relaxed spot to hunker down and work or study or just sit glassy eyed starring at your laptop screen whilst you sip some lovely comforting coffee beverage is Jojo's on Park Street. It has a corner space, which used to be Peter Indorf Jewelers for many years. Sun streams into the windows and it's as lovely a place to just linger as any in the Elm City. The owners and staff are lovely folks and very gracious. AND they make totally awesome latte. I often have my coffee black and am not always a huge fan of fancy coffee beverages, but I love sitting over one of the big oval coffee cups they use and just basking in their latte. It's the closest thing I have to the comforts of sitting in a hot tub under a canopy of autumn foliage. It's good. And plenty of people seem to use the place to sit and study. Go early to get a really good spot, perhaps in a window on some of their comfy cushions.

    The downside to both Willoughby's and Jojo's is the parking. You'll have to feed the meter or find a lot or just be terribly clever or be willing to walk from outside the pay-to-park zone in New Haven. But for all that, I think these are great places for coffee, contemplation and, yes, even work.

    20 Main St, Rockport, MA 01966

    1. Not much choice in Hamden for Coffee and Internet.
      But bith in the Hamden Plaza 2100 Dixwell Ave

      Panera has a two hour limit (voluntary)

      I know they are chains, but at least Starbuck's has the Fair Trade/Direct Trade Coffee

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        Bagelman, are you from Hamden, too? Is it possible we knew each other back in the '50's?

        1. re: mucho gordo

          Actually, grew up in Westville, but the family was in business in the Hamden Plaza from 1955-1976, so I spent a great deal of time there. I lived in Hamden from 1988-2003.

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            I was next door to the Plaza in HHS until '57. Knew most of the businesses there.

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              I went to HHS 77-78. Had my first ever slice of triangle cut pizza in the Hamden Plaza for lunch. I had moved from the Hartford area, and grew up on rectangular cut pizza. I was amazed! I was a slice place in the far lefthand string of shops, as you faced the Plaza from the it still there???

              1. re: Science Chick

                DeMatteo's Pizza--opened in the late 1960s

                1. re: bagelman01

                  Is it as good as I recall? Do they still sell slices?

                  1. re: Science Chick

                    I've not eaten there since 1990...................
                    I believe they still sell slices

                    1. re: Science Chick

                      DeMatteos is still there. Recently re-opened after a fire. Much nicer, more room from the old version. I'm not that big a fan, but my wife is; and they do slices.

        2. If you're in the northern part of Hamden, continue up to Cheshire and try out Cheshire Coffee (just off Rte 10) -- serious coffee, wifi, decent snacks, and comfortable work space.

          Cheshire Coffee
          210 Old Towne Rd, Cheshire, CT 06410

          1. Nothing in Hamden....closest thing to Fair Trade would be Koffee on Audubon in New Haven or Blue State on Wall Street, also in New Haven.

            Bread and Chocolate in Hamden is very nice though....good pastries, nice coffee- hot chocolate made from REAL chocolate chips/cocoa powder. Run by super, super nice people!

            1. There's a cyber cafe set to open this Friday in Best Video.

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                Sure about cyber cafe? Can't find mention anywhere Hamden Patch does however show Legal Grounds which HAS BEEN in Best Video moving to Books & Co. Is this what you're talking about?