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Sep 27, 2010 01:52 PM

Personal experience with tea sandwiches?

I have saved the recipes I have found on here but have not experimented with them yet - I am hoping that you can advise me if you have or if you have others that you would suggest. The ones I am considering are... Cheddar and Chutney tea sandwiches, Cucumber, hummus and lemon tea sandwiches, Chicken and shallot jam on Pain au Levain. I would like to probably offer three little bites and then one sweet - like either a lemon curd bar or PB+J bars (which I just made this weekend and they were GREAT!). This is for a pre-theater party in the theater - so easy to take, and hopefully easy to make because there are 110 people!

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    1. The cheddar/chutney would be great on apple/walnut bread, but the rest sounds super! Me, I'd do lemon curd bars, but that's because I'm a lemon freak, and they also sound a bit more delicate; a bit more in keeping with the tea theme.

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        yes - I agree with the lemon being more in theme - I was just thinking that since I know the deliverance of the PB+J quality and thinking that the show is dealing with a teacher teaching manners to students - I am just not sure of the age of the students - so the PB+J might fit! The apple walnut bread sounds like a great suggestion!

      2. What sorta Tea are you planning? Tea are sorta more or less High or low. Low is light and appetizer, the cucumber, egg salad lightly spread , in short very light eating. Please reference articles like :
        So hopefully you can then decide if you you wish to High or low it.

        1. Don't forget pimiento cheese, completely nontraditional but completely delicious. I like to chop toasted pecans into mine. I know I'll hear loud screams about it, but I do. And I like to serve them on good white bread (bakery-type) that you can squish down just a little.

          1. personal experience? yes and I'd rather not talk about it. too painful.

            ok one variety was similar to mamachef's - roasted red bell pepper and cream cheese. another watercress and mild aioli. no tea actually served just a case of champagne. (late afternoon limo ride to the airport for a group to see off a friend moving away for maybe forever)

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              aw, that's sad.

              on the other hand, the food sounds good. ;-).

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                it was actually sort of fun once we took Mozart's Requiem off the cd player.

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                  oh gosh, now that made me laugh out loud. really!