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Sep 27, 2010 01:29 PM

Sunday with my parents in law


I am a big fan of restaurants such as Le Gaigne, Restaurant Itinéraires or L'Agrume. However those are unfortunately closed on sunday. I wanted to try my chance at Yam't cha (closed now on sundays too).

So after searching on this forum, i have narrowed it down to a few choices but i am not sure what to choose and mainly what i am getting into ;-): my family would ideally like to eat in a lively atmosphere (and would like to avoid the starred restaurant). Would definitely prefer french or asian gastronomy. A lot of the places i have found are in the 7eme or 16eme, not really happening neighborhoods in general.

Here is my initial (poor) selection to start with :

Le Marcab
Le Chardenoux
Les Fables de la fontaine
maybe le beaujolais d'auteuil
Le comptoir du relais (first come first served basis)
maybe L'os à moelle

Any other selections of restaurants you have tried and you would recommend?

thank you so much for your support.

Bonne nuit à tous!

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  1. Of course:
    Le Marcab, one bad report here, however, not by me
    Le Chardenoux, dunno
    Les Fables de la fontaine, but yes
    maybe le beaujolais d'auteuil, nah
    Le comptoir du relais (first come first served basis), nope
    maybe L'os à moelle, try it, haven't been in years/decades

    Any other selections of restaurants you have tried and you would recommend?
    Lao Lane Xang 2
    102, Ave d’Ivry, 13th (Metro: Tolbiac)
    T: 01 58 89 00 00
    Closed Wednesdays
    Lunch menu 10,80 €, 20–25 € à la carte

    16-18, place Gaillon, 2nd (Metro: Quatre-Septembre)
    Open everyday
    Plat de jour 20 €, Lunch Menu 45 €, Menu-carte 67 €.

    Le Reminet
    3, rue des Grands-Degres, 5th (Metro : St Michel, Maubert-Mutualite)
    T :
    Open 7/7
    Lunch menu 13.50 €, dinner a la carte 40-60 €.

    " A lot of the places i have found are in the 7eme or 16eme, not really happening neighborhoods in general." Ah, while I live in the "happening 18th" the Wall St Jl wrote an article on the happening neighborhoods and guess what, they got it all wrong; there is no no-happening neighborhood, even Aulnay sous Bois is happening and certainly sleepy, dusty old Levallois-Perret is now.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      thank you so much for taking the time to answer Monsieur Talbott! i ll give a try to Drouant, Le Reminet or Fable de La Fontaine if i can get a table.

      You are certainly saying part of the truth as to the lively neighborhoods aroud there : i now remember the 2 sides of the spectrum : one time how i managed to drag my husband to CAJ after a long taxi ride! and then how alive he became, well it was indeed "happening" on Rue Malar, Paris 7ème ;-) of course, inside this buzzy happy place. But around there, pas un chat dans la rue!

      The other side of the story, when i was living Porte de Clichy, too much action was driving me nuts ;-)

      Cheers to you and Vive le 18ème!

      1. re: razzie

        A place that fits your description is l'Aromatik on Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle; I just ate there tonight for the 3rd time and it was lively, full, with a vibrant young crowd and a jovial owner.

        1. re: Laidback

          Merci Laidback! I have just checked their website and their facebook page. definitely worth the try, looks really nice! however they are only serving brunch on sunday! too bad¡

          1. re: razzie

            There is a brunch on Sunday, but I think they serve the regular menu on Sunday evening. I will try to remember to swing by and ask.

      2. re: John Talbott

        Well, I've got to add the MiniPalais to the list of 7/7's. It's Eric Frechon at his old (19th) prices but Bristol creativity. The setting is stunning (as it was under Gilles Ch.), the waitfolk helpful - they almost pleaded with us to speak English and the food is well, it's Eric Frechon. Some pix are at

        1. re: John Talbott

          John...wanted to give you a report on Drouant last night : in my party of 5 everybody felt like it was "an emergency solution". I don't think ill come back. The service is attentive if reminded to be, the place is comfy, the decor minimal. However, we came, they offered us the worse table (right at the entrance of the kitchen of the main room) could hear the whole fuss there. A huge gap between the tranquille atmosphere of the dining room and our "spot".

          After discussing with the hostess, they gave us (without too much discusssion) a nicer table in the carré. Nonetheless, a sentence thrown at us made me react. "well sorry but the kitchen door broke at lunch time" and me "and that is the reason why you have decided to give us the worse spot in the restaurant?" Instant Point barre.
          Then everything coming on the table from the initial bread to the dessert was blah! nothing special. or should i say for a market place, it seemed always a little bit too much or not enough (dressing too soft on the artichoke/parmesan salad, unconsistent portion sizes for the hors d'oeuvre and the desserts, fish hors d'oeuvres was too spiced, too dressed, overprepared, turbot fish was natural but butter citron sauce was too simple) When i have asked everybody their opinion. everybody stayed in the average evaluation.
          Too bad for a place where we felt comfortable. They could kick it off a notch and make it a happier place. Forgot to mention, strawberries came with an insect inside. Immediately replaced with another cup of fruits.

          Ill come back at little later today with the report of La Regalade St Honore.

          1. re: razzie

            Ouch; sorry if I steered you wrong.

      3. Fables is a great choice if you are looking for seafood. A surprising nice spot is Pasco's. Nice spacious seating, pleasant atmosphere and open 7 days. A great following of 7th French clientele.Violon d'Ingres is now open 7 days, too..I think...



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        1. re: grace3

          Dr T, no worries! sometimes it has to be a little challenging to get closer to what we truly enjoy! the place was comfortable and the waiter we had was attentive. Honestly considering the amount of time i had to reserve for a party of 5 on a "night off" for many good chefs in Paris, it was probably the best we could get. Nobody was bitter or unhappy. I just wanted to be fair and report back to you.
          I also did the report on La Regalade for lunch and i have posted it on a separate thread
          thank you for helping me out.