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Sep 27, 2010 01:05 PM

Savannah - Only One Night

We will only be in Savannah for one night. Staying at the Bohemian. Of the following, which one should we try:

Elizabeth on 37th
Local 11 Ten
Noble Fare
The Olde Pink House

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  1. Flip a coin. They are all outstanding. Elizabeth's is old Savannah located in a beautiful old historical home. Local 11 Ten is a casual fine dining restaurant located in a 1950's restored building serving local southern cuisine. Noble Fare is similar in style and cuisine to Local ll Ten. The Old Pink House is similar to Elizabeth's.

    I would probably go to OPH. Bon Appetit.

    Bon Appetit Restaurant
    621 Highway 441 S, Clayton, GA 30525

    1. Based on one visit to each, I would choose NOBLE FARE over LOCAL 11 TEN for a "special" meal. They are both good but Noble Fare has the edge in my book. Have not yet been to the other two places...enjoy!

      1. Elizabeth's is a cab ride from your hotel. Local ll Ten is a pretty good ways also. Noble Fare is about 15 blocks but they are short blocks. The Ole Pink House is the closest at about 3 blocks E of your hotel. I would go with Noble or Pink so you could walk. You will need the exercise after a fine meal.

        1. Where did you end up going LifeIsGood58?

          I will be in SAV soon and could use your reco...

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            We went to Local 11 Ten. Our meal was excellent. The ambiance is very hip. Nice modern decor. I would highly recommend it. If you can, have one of the pedi cabs take you there and drive through the parks. Lots of fun and nice way to see the city.