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Sep 27, 2010 01:02 PM

Immersion stick blender... Help needed!!!

Can I use my immersion stick to beat egg into whites to peaks? Would a hand blender be better?

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  1. You probably can but a hand mixer will give you more control. There is a fairly fine line between hard peaks and medium peaks.

    I use my stick blender to scramble eggs. Although, I don't mix them until they are frothy. It just works better than a fork.

    1. I have always used the whisk attachment to my immersion blender, but I find it slow going if I am doing a large amount of egg whites.

      You probably could use an immersion blender to whip egg whites, since I used to use one to make foams. Use a large-ish mixing bowl (instead of a tall and skinny container) so that you can really aerate the whites. Control isn't a problem, just pulse it once you start getting close.

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        I agree with jaykayen about the whisk attachment. I use it pretty often because I always convince myself that it's less trouble than dealing with the mixer and washing the parts afterward, After finishing the whipping, I always also decide that next time I'll remember to use the stand mixer.

      2. Thank you both for your quick and helpful responses.
        I only have to beat 3 egg whites, so I am going to give it a try.

        1. UPDATE:
          I did use the immersion blender and learned a good lesson... use the hand mixer to make stiff egg white peaks!!!
          I gave up on the immersion blender after about 5 minutes of getting nowhere, and switched to the hand mixer (don't have room for a stand mixer in my NYC apartment!!) to finish the job.
          I hardly use that immersion blender, and was trying to figure out a new use for it!! Guess the only thing that darn "gadget" is good for, is smoothing-out soup!!!

          1. I use the whip to whip cream but have not tried it for egg whites. I have just really started using the attachments and find the chopping attachment great for herbs and small amounts of onions, garlic, etc. Have also made quick smoothies. Mine is fairly powerful so that might make a difference????