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Sep 27, 2010 12:52 PM

A shot in the dark--Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco)

Sure, I know it is not in Phoenix. I have, however, searched both the Southwest and Mexico boards and have not gotten any hits.

I decided to canvas Phoenix chowhounds because so many people from here visit down there. I am taking visiting family and would like to eat as well as possible.

I know not to expect any culinary masterpieces. But, any tips on decent restaurants? Seafood is an obvious interest. Not too gringofied if at all possible.

We would be willing to travel a little bit out of town for somewhere special.


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  1. Here's the best search hit I could find, although, I didn't put much effort into it.

    1. Been a few years since I was there but La Curva had good basic Mexican food at the time and still seems to get good ratings ... looks like on it is rated # 5 of 27 reviewed restaurants (but TA reviews are sometimes really wrong).

      Here's the TA link to Rocky Point ... we used to get good seafood in the modest restaurants downtown and we always brought a cooler with us so we could take fresh shrimp back to the US, which was the best shrimp I've ever eaten (probably because it was so fresh).

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        It been several years since I've been to the Friendly Dolphin but it was always our favorite. Looks like its still going strong from looking at trip advisor.

        1. re: Mytah

          Mytah, after skimming the TA reviews I also think the Friendly Dolphin would be high on my list if we ever go back to Rocky Point ...

          1. re: willyum

            Thanks all for your feedback. I was aware of the TA reviews and rankings but was hoping for recent personal experiences from food savvy folks. Looks like I will have to rely on TA after all. I will let you know if the TA reviews remain valid.