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Sep 27, 2010 12:52 PM

Best Bubble Tea's in Montreal area?

I just absolutely love bubble teas, they just rock. Recently I've been getting into the Green Apple bubble tea ( with tapioca bubbles ) at Maison Shing Do: 910 Boulevard Décarie Saint-Laurent, QC
I'm seeking more places to continue my bubble tea pursuits/addiction.

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  1. The largest selection i found in Montreal is actually at a new Saint-Laurent restaurant.

    It's Called TeaStation, in Place Vertu, next to Adonis. I have tried two of their bubble teas: Mango and plain milk tea. They have about 30 choices, ranging from fresh fruit made to classic powder flavors (as is in most restaurant) and various teas. They do use good tea for the milk tea ones.

    About 3.50$ for a regular size bubble tea. Enjoy!

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    1. re: SourberryLily

      Oooh never heard of it. I might just be there tomorrow... :P
      How generous are they on their tapioca bubbles? Can't go wrong with mango. Love mango!
      Are they the ones with the ice cubes, or slushy?

      1. re: UndergroundEatery

        It actually depends, the mango i had was slushy, but they have a "smoothie" alternative, which when asked, the lady explained that the difference was that one used real fruit, the other the powder. The honey milk tea bubble tea i had was not slushy, it was just like i used to have in Hong Kong. And they are generous enough with the tapioca pearls that you'll likely finish your drink before the pearls.

        PS: if you're that into it, you could attempt to make it yourself. Go to Marche Hawaii in VSL (or any asian grocery store). They have an entire section with bubble tea ingredients. If you have never been though, be in a good mind frame, its a market where everything will seem foreign to you and might get overwhelming =)

        Easiest bubble tea to make is tea + cream/creamer + milk and tapioca pearls. Then experiment with powders!

        Hong Kong Restaurant
        29 Thorne Av, Temiscaming, QC J0Z3R0, CA

    2. I am a complete, complete bubble tea addict. Coincidentally, I also have the remains of a green apple bubble tea sitting at my elbow right now!

      I've found a huge list of bubble tea places in Montreal here: There's nothing besides a list though, so I won't copy any of it here. Be warned though, as the page says, some of the places on the list are closed or HORRID. For instance, I've sampled bubble tea from Sumi Sushi and Rice and Noodles, looking for something close to my Cote St. Luc home and almost broken a tooth on their tapioca.

      My general haunts are Magic Idea on De Maisonneuve and Cactus on Mackay because they're both relatively convenient to me as a student. Magic Idea's got a very extensive menu as well with a lot of flavours I haven't seen elsewhere such as lavender, which is a bit of an acquired--if awesome--taste (though I haven't gotten out to Thé Station in Place Vertu yet so I don`t know how their selection compares. I`ve been meaning to.


      Cactus' menu is pretty extensive too and their tapioca is cooked a bit softer than everywhere else in Montreal so it makes an interesting change from time to time.

      And since you asked about tapioca generosity, I was at L2 in Chinatown yesterday and I received a drink which was amazingly generous on the tapioca. I don't know if it was just a fluke or not though.

      Magic Idea
      1675 Boul De Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC H3H1J6, CA

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      1. re: janetmweiss

        D you know if Cactus has the small pearls? That is something quite rare around here, but i prefer it to the large tapioca pearls everybody is used to.

        And TeaStation is quite new, i don't remember seeing it last winter.

        1. re: janetmweiss

          Pretty awesome list! Did you get a chance to try them all. Thats something id LOVE to do.

        2. Second the motion for Magic Idea, both in Chinatown and their branch on de Maisonneuve.
          L2 in Chinatown not so great tastewise and tapioca-wise (usually mushy).
          Glow in Chinatown on St. Laurent is ok but only if I'm there for karaoke.
          Tapioca Thé across the street from Magic Idea has gone downhill lately along with their food - coincidence?
          There's a new place - a little counter - on Ste Catherine near Fort, a few steps away from the post office I have yet to try.
          Some other restaurants in the area are also offering bubble tea now - like Kam Ho on Mackay. Haven't tried yet though - their food is only meh so will have to make special trip.
          Used to go to Bubble Teaze at the Eaton Centre when in that neck of the woods. Was okay but found the tapioca amount measly....
          Must try the TeaStation! Thanks for the tip!

          Kam Ho Restaurant
          1448 Rue MacKay, Montreal, QC H3G2H7, CA

          Magic Idea
          1675 Boul De Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC H3H1J6, CA

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          1. re: chilipepper

            I never noticed Glow there. I know this is slightly off subject but can you describe the place? Is it a private room Karaoke style?

          2. Patisserie Harmonie has decent bubble tea - at both of their locations (Chinatown 1 and 2)

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            1. re: cherylmtl

              I second Harmonie (both locations), as well as Magic Idea (although I prefer the one downtown to the one in Chinatown) and even Bubble Tease in Eaton Centre (although there is one girl there who never makes the drink very sweet, so if I see her, I don't go lol). Used to go to L2, don't go anymore, but it was OK in the past.
              The selection is huge at Magic Idea downtown and can't imagine the list being any longer LOL...I prefer the mango or honeydew milk, but their black tea ones are delicious too.
              The one I really didn't like recently was Patisserie Legende in Chinatown. The bubbles there are not sweetened, and while some might find that a good thing, I do not :)
              Strangely enough, I noticed Pho Tay Ho also has bubble tea, but have never tried it..

              Magic Idea
              1675 Boul De Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC H3H1J6, CA

            2. I'm looking forward to trying a lot of these, though I was wondering, can bubble tea be bought in bottles at local stores? I sak simply because I have a relative who can't really get around at the moment who recently had a bubble tea and loved it. I'd like to bring a variety home.

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              1. re: MikeyMadness

                No, but you can make it at home.

                EDIT: you can do takeout though.

                1. re: vanierstudent

                  Most places will put it in a takeout cup with a lid unless it's a restaurant. I'm sure that if you bring a thermos you can just drop it into it and carry home.

                  Don't forget to pickup a straw!

                  1. re: SourberryLily

                    Harmonie put a plastic seal on top, which is much better for take-out than a lid.

                      1. re: MikeyMadness

                        Maison Shing do makes a good one that you could just walk in and pick up. they put it in portable cups with lids and straws. and even put them in cute little plastic bags if you want.
                        You could also buy a couple and store them in your fridge!