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Sep 27, 2010 12:12 PM

La Palette

The one at 492 Queen E, : Bistro style, highly popular. A bit too noisy for my taste but that makes the place very lively. The Prix fixe is a good bet. We had Boar Terrine, sirloin (cooked to perfection) and for dessert Lemon Pie (delicious, my friend said) - I had the Lavender crème brûlée (tiny but delicious) - Friendly service - We'll go back there next time my friend is in town.

La Palette
492 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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  1. I was there about two weeks ago. I had the coq au vin. I wish I didn't. The 'sauce' was not from brown chicken stock or anything close to wine - in fact it looked like a white roux gravy that would be served with southern fried chicken. The chicken itself was dry. There was no veg (no mushrooms or onions even) served with the dish at all and the tiny "dumplings" we like little balls of over kneaded dough. I was so disappointed. I used to love the original location but even my last visit there was lacking. I’m not sure if I’ll be back when I can go a few blocks south to Le Select and have a better dinner and nicer (IMO) surrounds for around the same price point.

    Le Select
    432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

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      I used to be a fan of La Palette back when it was in Kensington Market. New Queen St. location is bright and noisy, the food over priced and the service is non-existant. Wouldn't recommend

      1. re: Finnegan

        I have been to La Palette four times in the last six months or so, and have had entirely different experiences from Finnegan's on each occasion. From the crowded, poor service of their old location, the Queen Street operation I find first rate, with exceptionally friendly, attentive and knowledgable wait staff. Last night was typical: we had the excellent value $35 prix fixe, beginning with a salad for my friend and delicious house-made rustic paté for me, served with fresh yeasty bread. Then we both had the steak frites - it may be the 6 oz is featured on the prix fixe, but both our cuts looked more like 8 oz - I told our waiter that I had paid 3 x more for steak and some fancy house and it wasn't as good - real beefy flavour and a dab of black garlic butter - awesome fries with a side of mayo. A small creme brulée and a pretty generously portioned lemon tart with whipped cream ended our meal along with promptly-delivered espresso and tea (alas in one of those useless metal pots; all that can be said is that it was better than a bag in a cup!). We chose to have a demi of Spanish wine - and the bill with tip was $155 - had we omitted the wine we would have been only a tad over $100.

        Anyway, La P is my go-to place for steak frites - the sort of place where no one would care if you simply came and had steak with a Diet Coke - you could be out in 30 mins - or you could have an efficiently-served but never rushed meal, and linger, as we did. It was also interesting to see that the restaurant was 3/4 full on a Sunday night at 7:45/8 - a youngish, contented-looking crowd.

        So give it another try Finnegan!

      2. re: JennaBean

        I like both La Palette and Le Select. Le Select has a much broader menu and a much more sedate atmosphere. I would suggest that one only eat the steak or the game meat at La Palette. The green salad is acceptable but really they just don't get veggies! I go to La Palette when I'm in the mood for meat and a lively atmosphere. I've always had great service and I've always found the people to be very friendly.

        1. re: ComerDemonio

          And La Palette's prix fixe is a very good value - the main of a sirloin steak in a reduction with home-made fries and home-made mayonnaise is beyond great and puts pricier venues to shame in terms of tenderness and flavour. Throw in a pate starter and lemon tart dessert all for $39

      3. La Palette is highly disappointing. Even the server kept eating something (her dinner? Bread?) as she wandered the dining room. Open kitchen equals smelly disaster. Cooking skills are subpar (no chef, obviously). Avoid.

        1. For genuinely good French Bistro food cooked by a Burgundian Chef with Parisian Michelin star credential - La Croisee on Bayview Avenue close to Rahier!
          Here's their latest fall menu: