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Sep 27, 2010 12:07 PM

Going to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. Any recommendations for traditional cuisine?

I'm going to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in two weeks. Looking for authentic local restaurants. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    1. For dinner, I often take visitors to Fu 1039 (or their sister restaurant Fu 1088). Really good Shanghainese food in an old house. It's not cheap, but the people I take there always enjoy it. For an authentic breakfast experience, go to the corner of Yanqing Lu and Donghu lu any morning - there are 4-5 carts set up in the morning making Chinese "crepes", scallion pancakes (my favorite) and other Shanghai treats. As for HK, in my opinion, no visit is complete without a brunch at "Dim Sum" in Happy Valley. It's an institution and it's tiny; they don't take reservations, but go put your name in and get a coffee next door while you wait.