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Going to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. Any recommendations for traditional cuisine?

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I'm going to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in two weeks. Looking for authentic local restaurants. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    1. For dinner, I often take visitors to Fu 1039 (or their sister restaurant Fu 1088). Really good Shanghainese food in an old house. It's not cheap, but the people I take there always enjoy it. For an authentic breakfast experience, go to the corner of Yanqing Lu and Donghu lu any morning - there are 4-5 carts set up in the morning making Chinese "crepes", scallion pancakes (my favorite) and other Shanghai treats. As for HK, in my opinion, no visit is complete without a brunch at "Dim Sum" in Happy Valley. It's an institution and it's tiny; they don't take reservations, but go put your name in and get a coffee next door while you wait.