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Sep 27, 2010 11:54 AM

ISO Recipe to use up blanched, toasted almonds

I toasted a bunch of blanched almonds to use in biscotti, but very slightly overtoasted them (only very slightly -- they would be perfect for eating as-is). Experience has unfortunately taught me that overtoasted almonds are not so good in biscotti, so I'm looking for another recipe to use them in. I usually garnish carrot salad, butternut squash soup, etc., with chopped almonds, but I won't be able to use them very quickly this way. I was thinking of a nut brittle, but am open to any suggestions where I won't need to re-bake them. TIA . . .

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  1. make them into a tart crust, then fill the crust with a lovely frangipane! YAH!

    sheer delight!

    1. How many is a bunch? I recently made pignoli cookie gelato with 1/4 cup of toasted almonds...but I don't know if you make frozen treats or if that even puts a dent in your bunch!

      I'd sprinkle 'em over any salad, not just carrot salad. More nutritious than croutons. :)

      Also, if you eat oatmeal, it's way tasty with almond extract stirred in and toasted almonds on top. Nom, nom, nom!

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        I have about 3 cups. Yes, I eat a lot of steel-cuts oats, so that's a good idea. Thanks for the tart suggestion, alkapal, but I can't re-bake the nuts.

        1. re: TerriL

          you don' t have to re-bake it, do you?

          1. re: alkapal

            I thought you were suggesting the almonds be baked into the crust. Guess you were just referring to almonds in the frangipane?

            1. re: TerriL

              i meant that you can make a no-bake crust,1813,1...

              another idea is trout amandine. once you've cooked your dressed trout in butter with some shallots & unoaked white wine, remove it to a warm plate, then toss the nuts into the pan butter just to warm through. pour on top of your plated fish. garnish with a little bit of chopped fresh italian parsley. YUMMMM!

      2. I once ordered Cream of Almond soup at a French restaurant because I was curious. It was so super delicious and really surprising. The flavor might be a a little forward since they are a little overtoasted, but I still think you can make a great fall soup with it.

        You can Google a recipe for it. The ingredients are simple, like chicken stock, almonds and cream...

        1. I would sprinkle them over almost anything - icecream, cereal, ...last week I made a sesame chicken dish which I then combined with an apricot preserves and apricot topping and over it all I sprinkled lots of blanched toasted crushed almonds. YUM!

          1. I used toasted almonds in pretty much all my salads. Love the crunch.

            You could try making ajo blanco, the Spanish almond soup.

            Here is a nontraditional recipe by Jamie Oliver:

            I also made an Egyptian Bread Pudding with phyllo dough from this COTM (Roden's The New Book of Middle Eastern Food). I used almonds exclusively for the nuts. It was delicous, like a baked rice pudding.


            You could also make granola bars, or granola. Smitten Kitchen has a great granola bar recipe.