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Sep 27, 2010 11:37 AM

Sugarcane in Montreal

Finding this has proved much harder than expected. I've looked through 3 Chinese grocery stores in Chinatown for it and found nothing.

Anyone know a place that for sure has it in stock?

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  1. Can't say for sure but Marché Victoria Oriental is worth checking out. You can give them a call before making the schlep.

    6324 Victoria (north of Van Horne)
    514 737-4715

    They also have a Pierrefonds store, which I know nothing about other than its existence:
    4705 des Sources
    514 685-3280

    1. I saw it at Kim Phat on the South Shore last weekend.

      1. Anyone in Montreal currently making fresh sugarcane juice?

        1. Sami Fruits in Laval has the sugarcane and the juice as well; this was 3 months ago, but I think they have it regularly. They sell the juice at the freshly squeezed counter.

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            The one in St-Michel has them too. We bought some this summer.