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Sep 27, 2010 11:28 AM

Restaurants in Ravello

We will be in Ravello in October and want to eat dinner somewhere there before a 9:30 pm concert. Would love to find a place that we can take our time and have a great view - in addition to great food.

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  1. I was just in Ravello for 4 nights. There are two very nice hotels with restaurants overlooking the coast - Hotel Caruso, and Palazzo Sasso. The restaurant at the Caruso is average for the price point (expensive), however the hotel itself is gorgeous and the bar area is excellent (as are the bartenders/staff). At the Sasso, Rossellinis is a 2 Michelin star restaurant that is very fancy and pricey, but quite good. I'm not sure either place will have their outdoor dining available in October, so your view may not be great either way.

    There is also Villa Amore, which is less fancy but still has a fabulous view of the coast from their entire dining room. The food is pretty good as well.

    Other folks that post on this board seem to love Cumpa Cosimo, which is a small homey place in the center of Ravello (no coastal view). I was not particularly impressed with the food at this restaurant, but if you are looking for something laid back without formality this may be an option to consider.

    Good luck.

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      That's very helpful. Do you have any other recommendations about Ravello to see and do?

    2. there are quite a number of restaurants in Ravello with views. The two recommended by Charleston Matt are well respected also quite expensive (say 100 euros pp w/o wine) and not a place to go for a quick dinner. I dont know where your concert is but you may have trouble having a full meal and then wandering over to the concert. tho I guess the places in Ravello may be used to earlier than average dining times, but you may want to think about a place where a pizza or a lighter meal would be feasible (not probably a **).

      Here are some additional places in Ravello that have views. Don Salvatore has been spoken of positively by chowhounds. I didnt like Villa Maria but we visited out of season and it does have a stunning view.

      In terms of what to do in ravello the whole place is one big view opportunity. You should definitely go up to the Villa Cimbrone, which will involve walking through a whole end of the town to get there (past the Villas Maria and Amore, and Cimbrone has its own restuarant, the Flauto di Pan) . and also the Villa Rufolo garden (near the Piazza - also a rest. at the hotel there) if you have time. I would mostly just walk around - if you are active you can hike trails that take you outside the walls into olive and lemon groves and you will see more stunning scenery.There is some nice romanesque stonework in the old cathedral (ponder what it must have been like with thousands of people living in those hill villages,) and some of theother churches are also of interest. when we were there (early spring) there was "street" (its virtually all pedestrian) going on and they were using donkeys to move the construction materials. Nice limoncello at the wine store, just before the arch on the street of toward Cumpa Cosimo (rustic but good).

      Enjoy Ravello and dont rush yourself, its a lovely place.

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        thanks. Every bit of information helps us plan where to go in a place we've never been. We are going to be walking around (or hike if we have time) when we are there and plan to see the Villa Cimbrone. We are actually going to an outdoor symphony concert at 9:30 at the Villa Rufolo so we'll see that part of town too. Do you know if the restaurant at the hotel near there is good? We'll be there all day so we can go pretty early to eat and take our time. Thought about going to Palazzo Sasso but we think it will take too much time. Will look into Don Salvatore, Cumpa Cosimo and Villa Amore. Can't wait to be there and take it all in. I've heard nothing but fabulous things about Ravello.

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          a review from a couple of years ago. I suggest that for this dinner you reserve since there will be demand at the early dinner hour. Ravello is pretty small - so all places in the town will be convenient (say a 10 min walk at most) from Villa Rufolo.

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            You'll find many trails and excursions connecting Ravello and Amalfi and all through the valleys upland --the small village of Scala, which can be seen from Ravello, is a fairly easy walk. Check, or, or search Chowhound for posts. I'm sure there will be maps and guide sources in town. Greta time of year, too--enjoy.

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              you can pick up a map at the Tourist Office on via roma which runs off on the side of the piazza del duomo (Vescovado). If you dont want to go downhill (which makes no sense if you want to be in Ravello for the evening) you can walk right around the base of the town on the seaward side - this path, it goes under the Villa Cimbrone, over orchards past other plantings and old dwellings and caves built inot the ravello cliff. You could also head out toward Minori and loop back. As I recall it, the walk to scala is mainly on the road. The wine store I mentioned in an earliler post is called Enoteca Mansi, and is on via Roma also. We hung out a bit in the very basic friendly cafe to the left of the church on the piazza, but werent too impressed with their gelato or other food offerings.

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                Thank you so much for the info - glad to know we can get a map for the walks. Is this walk one of the hikes through the lemon and olive groves outside the wall that you mentioned?

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                  Once you get outside the residential streets it is basically agricultural

                  If you are really interested in hiking in this area, the Sunflower guide is a good resource.

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                    A friend gave me that book - I'll bring it with me. Do you know anything about Positano? Eating or doing things?

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                      Ive not been there but there are posters on this site who have been - even a post today by Ghiottone - and some restaurants on the restaurant page. Do a search and see what folks recommend. From my standpoint it is too much of a concentrated high end touristic destination to be attractive - either foodwise or otherwise. I could see going up in the hills above for a walk and lunch in Montepertuso or one of the smaller villages, however.I would head for towns like Cetara or Amalfi/Atrani for eating (tho Ghiottone says there was some damage from a storm in Atrani) or, farther afield, Paestum or the Sorrentine peninsula for interest and fine eating. There are some really good threads on the Amalfi coast for you to explore, also a very good book on the food of Campania by Carla Capalbo, which will direct you to restaurants, food and wine producers etc that you may not otherwise find.

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                      I have heard of this guy - there are some amazing pictures on this site if you surf around that are inspirational. Its easy enough to follow the trail maps and detailed instructions in sunflower and in the maps obtainable from the tourist offices without a guide, however since the paths are mostly very well constructed.

          2. We were in Ravello last week. Can recommend La Vittoria just off the main piazza for an informal but good meal at moderate price. Ravello is very beautiful and a cut above the other towns on the Amalfi coast. It got a bit cool in the evening.

            1. Firstly, to warn you that you may find that the concert is not outdoors so not to set that as an expectation. We were in Ravello a couple of weeks ago for a concert and they were de-constructing the big stage then. We were in a chamber hall and a few people didn't return after the interval as they had clearly expected the outdoor concert. The web site can be misleading and just to point out that Ravello gets cold in the evenings.

              We ate 2 nights in Ravello. One night at Rosellini's and the night that we were going to the concert we ate at Don Salvatores. Rosellini's was very good although it is very expensive. (450 euro for 2 and we were restrained on the wine). Compared to other top end restaurants that I've eaten in and for the price this wasn't comparable. I feel that the top end restaurants in Italy do not match the top end in other countries but that's just my experience. There will be no view from Rosellini's at this time due to the weather so no seating on the terrace. You certainly don't want to cram this in before the concert. You're paying for the luxurious laid back experience of being pampered. The night of the concert we ate at Salvatores and this was the most unexpected meal of our holiday. Top quaity, inventive cooking but at respectable prices. The starters of veal cheek and rabbit donuts were so much better than I would have imagined for the price that we paid. Plus you can get a great view down the coast, just ask for a table by the window.

              1. Was just in Ravello last week and I found Rossellinis to be very disappointing. Nothing to do with the price point (it was expected), but the courses were very, very underwhelming. I was actually surprised by this place. Would not recommend to fellow travelers. (I do disagree with the point made regarding wine: the list was fairly comprehensive and did offer prices anywhere from $30 - $4,000 Euro.

                That being said, Salvatores was a highlight. Service can't be compared to Rossellinis, but they actually made a true attempt to please with the food. The veal cheek and ricotta gnocchi was one of the best dishes of our trip. You're looking at half the bill total that you would expect at Rossellinis.

                Vittoria would also be a recommedation for a nice, typical dinner with good food. There is less creativity in their menu compared to Salvatores, but you won't go wrong by going there.

                Just stay away from the Wine & Drugs store - a few free tastings of wine and you'll find yourself buying overpriced Brunello. (Seriously overpriced!)

                Most restaurants still had their deck open, but it was getting chilly in the evenings and they were talking of closing them soon. Pack a jacket and/or sweater if you're thinking of asking for a seat outside.

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                  I stayed at Da Salvatore several years ago and ate all my meals there. I loved the food, which is incredibly fresh, and enjoyed the view. Fred Plotkin includes a recommendation for Da Salvatore in his most recent updated edition of Italy for the Gourmet Traveler.