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Sep 27, 2010 09:59 AM

food recs for praia da luz + area

hi all -

we will be staying in luz for a week, a few weeks from now. i would love any recs for food in the area.
we will have 4 adults, our 3 year old boy and 3 month old baby.
our toddler is well behaved, but wont sit for too long, so we are looking for casual places with great food!
we are happy to drive as long as its not too far.

thanks in advance.

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  1. Best I can do for you:
    At least it will give you an idea of what's available around Luz...

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    1. re: monchique

      One of our favorites very casual, roadhouse 2k east of Lagos at the intesection that says torre on the right is a place we really like called Chico Ze. Go before the noon hour cause it gets packed, but nice people fresh fish and nice atmoshpere, very casual but fun, Have you been there Monchique? The child might enjoy. Sit outside if the weather permits. Equal mix of locals and tourists. Boiled potaoes seved with grilled fish are garlic laced beauties.

      1. re: LeRique

        Never been there, but thank you for the tip. I rarely venture West, as good restaurants are more numerous towards the East. The restaurant om the left at the entrance of Boa Vista Golf Club (in the old club house) is nice and quite smart, but I can't remember the name... Old age creeping :o(

        1. re: monchique

          I understand all too well well Also would recomend Onda Norte near the football stadium and campground in Lagos. Northern portguguese in the south.