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Sep 24, 2005 03:47 AM

anything to eat in arcadia/monrovia?

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Looking for anything out of the ordinary or interesting to eat in arcadia/monrovia/pasadena/el monte area.

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  1. All of these are a must try. I eat at each at least once each month -- some once a week. I also consider each to not only be great at what they do but also out of the ordinary and interesting to eat at.

    North Woods Inn (Steaks, Lobster, Chicken)
    San Gabriel
    7247 Rosemead Blvd.
    San Gabriel, CA
    (626) 286-8284

    Moffett’s Family Restaurant, Chicken Pie Shoppe. (Great Chicken Pot, Beef Pot Pies)
    1409 s. Baldwin Ave.
    Arcadia, CA
    (626) 447-4670

    The Galley (The Boat) (Salad & Best Cheese-bread, Best Chili-Cheese Burger & large schooners of beer w/ giant TV.)
    8976 Huntington Dr.
    San Gabriel, CA
    (626) 286-1484

    Wang’s Palace (Lamon Chicken, White fish black bean sauce
    )423 S Myrtle Ave
    Monrovia, CA 91016-2811
    (626) 303-3701

    Tito’s Market (Try everything, Argentina style subs with jalapeno, beef empanada)
    9814 Garvy Ave. (At the rear of Tito’s plaza, yes Tito’s subs built this whole mall)
    El Monte, CA 91733
    (626) 579-1893

    Tacos la Bufadora (Great Deep Fried Fish and Shrimp tacos, also Asada)
    10990 Lower Azusa Rd
    El Monte, CA 91731
    (626) 575-7174

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    1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

      I agree with The Boat - also try their cabbage salad and if you like blue cheese, get their blue cheese salad (I think you can get 1/2 and 1/2). Also as mentioned, the cheese bread is addicting!! ;-)
      Another really good restaurant in Monrovia is Cafe Mundial on Myrtle. Really good food. The seafood risotto is really good.

      1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

        We have dined at Wang's for years, and every time, year after year, the Mrs. has to have her orange flavored chicken (it does get a little tiresome for me some times, but it is a good dish) I love the little toasted red peppers that the wife picks off of her plate, and the chicken and burnt orange peel round it all out. I really enjoy the Szechewan eggplant with garlic, sticks of stir fried eggplant that come to the table in all their molten goodness.

        The Szechewan green beans with crumbles of pork are the only way to eat green beans, unless you are eating fresh, raw beans. Other favorites are the shrimp lo mein, Yangchow fried rice, shrimp egg foo young, shrimp with snowpeas, Schezewan shrimp, beef with asparagus (when they have asparagus), wonton and hot and sour soups, potstickers and the BBQ spareribs.

        Now I know this is really not authentic as in the myriad establishments throughout the greater San Gabriel Valley, and is designed for the primarily non-Chinese clientel, but this is my Chinese comfort food. Wang's rendition of these dishes puts me in a gustatory state of bliss.

        I love this place.


      2. Domenico's on Huntington Dr. in Monrovia (just east of a grocery/shopping center).

        Best pizza in the county IMO, similar yet superior to Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock in a number of ways, including taste and service. Ask for them to make the crust extra thin. The rest of the menu includes standard "family italian" entrees like ravioli and chicken parm. which are okay/fine/acceptable.

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        1. re: gj

          Dominico's is really good and a really good deal.

          1. re: gj

            I love their antipasta salad - delish.

            1. re: WildSwede

              A double pepperoni and sausage, thin, thin crust, when they do this right it is soooo good.

              Skip the antipasto salad, I have had it about 100 times and it is just some not very green lettuce, some onion unless you ask them to hold it, some sliced black olives, some slices of mozzarella, some slices of salame, about a tablespoon of chopped tomato and about 2 cups of shredded mozzarella, with a couple of pepperoncinis. This in no way any resemblance of classic antipasto. If they get the proportions right on the oil and vinegar that will save it a bit. I love the pizza here, know the staff and ownership and have patronized the place for years, but I gotta disagree with you on the antipasto salad - just a great big cheap salad bowl.

              The fettuchine is usually good and the lasagna is one of my favorites. The minestrone can be good also, they have a good recipe and I really enjoy the broth, it will have nice chunks of vegetables in it and halved mini meatballs. I like the garlic bread without the added cheese.

              I make much better spaghetti and meatsauce.

              This is a great place for beer and pizza and some of their other comforting dishes, served by the third generation since the founder, so it is a bit far from Italy but good Italian-American fare.


              1. re: Chino Wayne

                I'll head to a neutral corner on this mini-anti-pasta war and just report my favorite pizza, pep/sausage/jalapeno (no pizza should be without the latter, he said acid-refluxivly), thin as possible crust. Doesn't travel too well unless you thoroughly pre-heat the oven and cookie sheet. My garlic-head brother loves their "calabrese" offering, though to me too much garlic tends to dampen out everything else.

                I tend to get the ravioli over the spaghetti and haven't ever had the lasagna.

                All of which should be telegraphing that this is not upscale or gourmet Italian dining, it is friendly, hearty "immigrant Italian" about 20 cuts above Buca di Beppo and similar stuff.

                1. re: Chino Wayne

                  To each their own. I happen to love it along with their mozzarella garlic bread. Their pizza, cooked well done, is fantastic as well.
                  Also, the chinese place a few doors down from the Washington location (one I go to the most) does some pretty good food as well (esp their Kung Pao).

            2. There's always Devon on Huntington Dr. in Monrovia (though I heard a rumour that it had closed, so perhaps another 'Hound can give more current info).

              Also, a huge thumbs up to El Taco Nazo on Garvey east of Rosemead in South El Monte. The shrimp tacos are fantastic, and the grilled chile peppers that are available for the taking on the counter are terrific.

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              1. re: Das Ubergeek


                Devon is not on Huntington Drive, it is on Lemon, just east of Myrtle, on the north side of the street. It is still open.


              2. The best breakfast joint in the area is LeRoy's.


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                  1. re: Chino Wayne

                    I don't understand the infatuation with LeRoy's. I think it's a passable breakfast place, mediocre at best and certainly nothing special. Maybe a cut above Denny's or Carrows. Perhaps it's the "diner" atmosphere and ambience that seduces.

                    I think Domenico's has good pizza. I particularly like the Big D Special that has the "works" on it. Of course, it's priced accordingly. Having been to all of their locations, they are pretty consistent on their pizzas. The rest of the menu is nothing to rave about. The pastas are just OK. The antipasto salad is really not very good...boring ingredients in a vinaigrette that's pretty amateurish.

                    1. re: Wayne

                      I think a good breakfast starts with potatoes. Hash browns, County style, O’Brain – what ever comes out of the kitchen must be exceptional or it is not a good breakfast and not worth driving for. After all, anyone can fry bacon and eggs. Also, what good can be said about the omelets and how many are there to choose from? Can you “build your own omelet? Maybe some biscuits and gravy would be good. Do they have something that "everyboby orders?"

                      I have been to LeRoy’s. I do not recall their potatoes. That might be why I have not been back. In fact I do not have a breakfast place in this area (Arcadia, Monrovia, El Monte, Rosemead, Temple City). Does any place other than LeRoy's exist?

                      Until I find some I can only drive.

                      Eat At Joe's (Any omelet, also try the “John Wayne Special, be early or you will wait)
                      400 N. Pacific Coast Highway
                      Redondo Beach, CA 90277
                      (310) 376-9570

                      Arthur's Restaurant (County Style breakfast, Chicken Fried Steak, must have the biscuits and gravy)
                      240 N Tustin St Orange,
                      CA 92867-7719
                      (714) 997-1850

                      Lisa's Coffee Shop (A run-down 60's place w/ good food. Menudo on the weekends.Pork Chops & eggs, Biscuits & Gravy, Jumbo Omelette w/ meats or veggies, Golden/crispy hash browns on the outside-moist on the inside.)
                      1530 W San Bernardino Rd
                      Covina CA
                      (626) 339-2014
                      Between N. Vincent Ave. And N. Lark Ellen Ave

                      Flo's Coffee Shop (OK, this is in El Monte, Small place, good food but not like "going out to breakfast." More like "down-home, comfortable & nice").
                      4597 Peck Rd
                      El Monte, CA 91732
                      (626) 443-3156
                      Cross Street:Near intersection

                      1. re: Wayne

                        A new menu data point for Domenico's for yall: One thing I've had at the Domenico's that's pretty scrumptious is the Chicken Marsala.

                        1. re: MizKitchens

                          Disagree, they don't do a classic marsala sauce well at all, very oily and thin. As noted above, Domenico's is sort of a red sauce, Italo-American immigrant food place, they don't do haute cuisine.

                          Please see my post above, also good are sausage, peppers and potatoes, "hoagie", sort of a philly cheesesteak: grilled beef, onions, peppers, mushrooms with cheese on a really tasty Italian roll.

                    2. All places mentioned are great. Just tried a brand new one, Enrique's Tamales n More on the corner of Ivy and Colorado in Monrovia, one block east of Myrtle. Excellent tamales plus full Mexican menu at great prices. One drawback, no alcohol.