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Sep 27, 2010 09:10 AM

Late eats in Barcelona, on a Sunday night?

Arriving late into my hotel next Sunday, around 11.30pm. Staying just off Carrer des Balmes.
Can anyone advise on someplace to eat (Tapas, at least) at that hour please?
I'll have an elderlycompanion, so a short walk / cab ride wouldn't be too much of a bother.
All help appreciated.

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  1. PacoMeralgo, corner of Muntaner and Corsega, for tapas, open until past midnight if you are near the upper part of the Eixample. Cuidad Condal on the corner of Rambla de Catalunya and Gran Via. Also own by the same people is the nearby barn like Cerverseria Catalana on c/Mallorca between Balmes and Rambla de Catalunya. Lively and decent to good tapas with slightly better food at Cuidad. Both open until pass 1 am. Sagardi on corner of Muntaner and Arago serves pintxos and sit down basque food. Open until around 1am. Can't think of anywhere else opened late Sunday and convenient to your hotel.

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      PBSF!! Many thanks! That's plenty to be going on with. I'll check all these out online and will surely find one that suits. Cheers!

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        After all the traveling and so late, proximity might be your first priority.
        PacoMeralgo has the best food and the most comfortable; tables as welll as counter.
        Cerverseria Catalana is the livest at that late hour. Should be some tables available without much waiting. The menu is large, including some half portions. Ciudad Condal (sorry about the bad spelling on the earlier post) has a little better food because being smaller has better control of the kitchen. Neither will be gastronomic high points but solid and fun.
        Sagardi serves pintxos (very simple tapas Basque style, mostly room temperature) in a large front room and pintxos are the best when there is a lot of turnovers. Am not sure how busy they are at midnight and what is still being prepared. It is also standup only. The adjoining restaurant serves decent Basque food but I wouldn't spend too much money doing that there; a single plate is fine.

    2. Want to try someplace fantastic, and different? Look up Las Fernandes- A fantastic LOCAL place that we always go to on Sunday nights.

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        Open on Sundays and in Raval! Thanks, Criticalfoodie. What do you eat there? I had a look at the menu attached to the website. Not interested in noodles with teriyaki sauce (sounds too much like home).

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          Aleta, what sounds like home...just isn't. This is a world class place with interesting twists on food. Not only that,, it's different than most BCN restaurants, as it's a local hangout...great bar....great food. Last time we were there, we just had them make us dinner....can't wait to go back two weeks from this Sunday night!! PS- When I emailed them for my reservation, I received an email from Sr. Fernandes himself.....from Brasil....where they're opening another Las Fernandes!!

      2. All eats in Barcelona are late eats. PBSF's recs can't be improved on, as usual.
        You are also within walking distance to the Raval. Should have lots of bars going strong at that hour. Check C/Elisabeta and near it.