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Sep 27, 2010 08:48 AM

Where to get Char Siu Bao in Bergen County or are there any Chinese bakeries in the area?

Help I am tired of making my own pork buns and roast pork. Does anyone know of any places to the that have good Bao's in the area so that I don't have to go to NYC (Chinatown or Queens

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  1. King Fung in River Edge has them brought in on both Saturday and Sunday....possibly on Wednesday. They have both Baked and Steamed versions. It's best to wait until 11:00 AM, as it seems that's the safe hour when they receive their deliveries from Chinatown. There's also the added bonus of Dim Sum on the weekends as well.

    There's also a Barbecue and Roasted Meats section and Steam Table with fried whole fish, sea foods, other prepared foods and lunch boxes combinations..

    King Fung Food Market‎
    625 Kinderkamack Rd, River Edge, NJ‎
    (201) 262-8558‎

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      Been there ! Any idea who to ask for them i only found the pork with cabbage buns. i am thinking you mean the take out by the fresh fish

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        When you first enter the store, make an immediate left down the aisle and they will be on the the right side half way down in white bakery boxes. Each bao is wrapped individually in clear plastic bags. There are also other baked items(boas) marked on each box, as well as egg custards(Dan Tat). The Steamed Boas are located opposite the Dim Sum on the Metro Racks in the center off to the left and in front of the steam table The fried fish is also located at the steam table. The BBQ is located off the steam table in the left corner.

        There is not any take out at the fresh fish area....only fresh fish.

        At the steam table, there are two pan fried boas......pork with cabbage and pork with chive. they are distinguished by the shape, round versus oblong. They also have an egg and chive pie(chiinese empanada).

        I like to get the baked char shiu boa and steamed big bao myself.