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Sep 27, 2010 08:25 AM


Has been sometime since I've eatin at Tuzzio's, as I've moved far away. I think they serve a great salad.
Does anyone know how to make the Tuzzio's salad and/or is there a restaurant in the Somerset county area that serves a similar salad?

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  1. Ahh.... I've tried for years to replicate Tuzzio's salad dressing. I'll be interested to see if anyone here can help us out!

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      i do not know how to replicate it but i do know that its very similar and equally as delicious as the salad dressing at Jimmy's in Asbury and I believe they put anchovies in theirs.....both make my mouth water!

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        as a sidenote. took friends from New Zealand to Tuzzio's a few years back - and they would love to taste this delicious salad in their own home in Auckland.

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          Mix blue cheese and Italian dressing together. Anchovies optional.

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            Well, I found this hard to believe. I really hate blue cheese dressing. Then I spoke with friend whose father used to go there all the time, and she said they told him the same thing! Now her mom is able to make the dressing at home and she swears it tastes exactly the same. I never would have imagined this would be it because blue cheese has such an obvious taste, which I did not pick up on at all, and because the dressing is not creamy at all. Just like a vinagrette. Wow. Thanks fershore!

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              I too hate blue cheese and was surprised that I enjoyed this salad.

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              thanks for all the replies... now if i can only remember all of the ingredients - i'll be able to enjoy Tuzzio's salad soon.

          2. My housekeeper works at Tuzzio's and just happens to make the salad. I'll ask her when I see her next. I'll do my best as English is not her first language. She's one of those natural cooks who has probably never looked at a recipe. She often brings me (Colombian) empanadas. OMG!

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              Just a may want to edit this, as not to cause a problem for your housekeeper. Just post the recipe if or when available. You never know how some may protect what they feel is intellectual knowledge and family secrets.

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                good advice. The Edit link is not available though.

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                  Past the two hour window, i believe you can no longer come back to edit a post. If it's important enough for you, possibly you can ask to have the comment removed.