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Sep 27, 2010 08:05 AM

1st Wedding Anniversary Dilemma

Admittedly, this is not a bad problem to have, but I do need some help coming up with a solution. Heading to Vegas for our one year wedding anniversary (note- we got married in Vegas at the Wynn and our wedding reception/dinner was at Daniel Boulud, now sadly closed otherwise we'd happily return there). We'll be there from Saturday the 9th through Monday the 11th, Sunday the 10th is our actual anniversary. I've made reservations for Saturday at Alex since I've heard great things and we're staying at Encore so it's very convenient, but since it's closed on Sunday, we have to go on Saturday (not on our actual anniversary). I think we'll head to the show there are the Wynn (le Revue?), so we'll have an early pre-theater dinner at Alex. So Alex will be our splurge/tasting menu night, but not on our actual anniversary.

What would you suggest for our Sunday night, anniversary dinner? I'd like it to be different from Alex in both style and price, so no over the top tasting menus like the Mansion or Guy Savoy. We're definitely open to different cuisines, from sushi to steakhouse to Italian to burgers. Last year we ate at Bartolotta and while the food was wonderful, I'm not sure if I want to repeat there. We're willing to take a taxi, but I also have no problem staying in the Wynn properties to dine.

Basically we're looking for something that feels special enough to work as our anniversary dinner, but different from Alex. I'm stumped, any suggestions are welcomed!

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  1. Alex is my favorite restaurant in LV. Maybe for a steakhouse you should try CUT at The Palazzo. I went in April with my sister and were very happy with it (so happy with it, that when I return to LV next March, I plan to have dinner again at both Alex and CUT). Congratulations on your anniversary!

    1. Sunday is half-price wines at Rosemary's which would help offset the cab fare. While I would not suggest that the food is at the same level as Savoy or Robuchon, it's not too far behind in terms of taste, execution and quality, and for a much more reasonable tariff. From the amuse to the mignardises you will be well taken care of and suitably impressed. Service is always exemplary.

      1. We recently did Alex for our anniversary dinner and then went to Nove Italiano for another dinner. Very different experience, with a fun, sexy vibe and excellent menu and service.

        Nove Italiano
        4321 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89103

        1. Thanks everyone! Looks like we've settled on CUT for our anniversary dinner (with Alex and the show at the Wynn the night before). A nice steak place sounded like just the thing, and I'm very impressed by CUT's menu, we can splurge or tone it done a bit (I'm leaning towards trying the tastings they offer). Plus it's walking distance from the Wynn properties, so convenient to boot! I can't wait!