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Sep 27, 2010 07:51 AM

kkosher salt instead of sea salt?

Hi there!
I'm new to the site and was wondering if anyone could help me out...
I have a turkey brining recipe i really want to use this year for thanksgiving that calls for 2lbs of sea salt, which would be pretty expensive! i was wondering if I could sub kosher salt instead and, if so, would the ratio remain the same? I would really appretiate any advice!

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  1. 2lbs of sea salt and you wouldn't be able to afford the turkey! I always use kosher salt in my brine, and this recipe makes it easy since they have given you the weight. Sub weight for weight is perfect. [Volume to Volume doesn't work at all.]

    My preference is Diamond Kosher salt, but there is a strong contingent of Morton-lovers who I am sure you will hear from as well.

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    1. Yes, by weight, it remains the same.