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Sep 27, 2010 06:15 AM

Skim milk into whole milk

I have a recipe that I want to make that calls for 2 cups of whole milk. I have skim milk and I have heavy cream. How can I approximate whole milk? I was going to try 12/3c skim to 1/3 cup cream. Does that sound about right? Does anyone have any idea about this?

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  1. I'd go with your measurements; depending on the recipe, most can be made with other types of milk anyway.

    1. I think that whole milk is 4% fat and cream is 35% fat (right? not totally sure about that...) if you want the same amount of fat (assuming skim milk is 0%), you can use the old C1 * V1 = C2 * V2 formula:
      2 c. * 0.04 = x c. * 0.35
      x = .23 or about 1/4 c. of cream, 2 and 3/4 c. skim.

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      1. re: castiron

        whoops, that should say 1/4 c of cream, 1 and 3/4 c. skim ... to make 2 c.
        which is the same as Karl's chart.

      2. Well this is my conversion chart I've posted a few times here:

        Add the following to 1 cup of skim milk to approximate 1 cup of

        1.5t heavy cream= 1% milk
        1T heavy cream= 2% milk
        2T heavy cream= whole milk
        5T 1t heavy cream= half-&-half
        9T heavy cream= light cream
        1T light cream= 1% milk
        1T 2t light cream= 2% milk
        3T light cream= whole milk
        5 oz light cream= half-&-half
        2T half & half= 1% milk
        3T half & half= 2% milk
        4T half & half= whole milk

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        1. re: Karl S

          That chart is amazing, good job

          1. re: Karl S

            Great. I'm going to copy this for reference purposes!

            1. re: roxlet

              That's why it always pays to have heavy cream on hand in addition to lowfat or skim milk; between them, you can make it up as needed without a rush to the store.

          2. Since I dunno if this question warrants a new thread: Can I use 1% in place of whole milk when making Cinnamon Rolls?

            I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to all things yeast raised and I wanted to try making Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls today as a practice run for Christmas gifts and I don't have any cream on hand.

            Thanks all!

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            1. Only because I believe in making things simple.
              Add 3 tablespoons of heavy cream to a cup of skim milk. That's close enough for even government work.