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Sep 27, 2010 04:29 AM

What I ate at the Durham Fair (in CT), 2010

For the second year in a row I had the pleasure of visiting the Durham Fair. For me, fairs are all about the food (I think that's clear otherwise I'd be posting this on, if there is such a thing and frankly I'm not sure I'd want to be associated with such a site). Armed with 4 other mouths here's what we ate at the fair yesterday (in order of importance and deliciousness):
Hot Lobster Roll-goodness this was awesome. The lobster meat was claw-claw-claw (the best for a lobster roll, IMHO) and it was sort of stewed in butter. Served in the traditional NE style toasted hot dog roll it was excellent. It was also only $10 and they were super generous with the lobster.
Roast Beef sandwich-so so good. Excellent roll, cheese, very tender beef.
Pork Loin sandwich-we were slightly under whelmed that it wasn't saucy but they did provide BBQ sauce and the pork and the roll were nummy as heck.
Pulled Pork sandwich-also a great roll, also not sauced but when BBQ was added it was good.
Mini donuts-wow! Hot out of the fryer, rolled in light granulated sugar...very, very good. There are other huge, raised donuts for sale at the fair and I was going to get one but these little numbers so exceeded my expectations that I didn't need to try another donut.
Turkey Sundae-I swear that both of the people at this booth said it came with stuffing but sadly it did not (it also comes with cranberry sauce I just didn't get any on mine). Great concept though: a bowl of good mashed taters with really juicy turkey (white meat it seemed, fine by me) covered in roasted corn and gravy. It would've been better with stuffing. This booth also had a pot roast sundae which sounded good too.

We did eat more but nothing I can officially vouch for (chicken gyro was said to be GREAT, sausage and pepper grinder...well I only had 1 bite).
Lastly, I bought some super creamy Nelson's fudge (chocolate) and some super addictive kettle corn (from Kettle Korn Express out of RI).

Durham Fair, I love you! See you next year!

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  1. And how many miles do you run every day? Seriously, if I did this I couldn't eat anything else for a week!! How do you manage the "calories in, calories out" thing? I DO love your enthusiasm...

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      I have to say, I definitely don't eat like this every day but I walk a lot and also ride a stationary bike. I'm blessed with a great metabolism that's for sure.

    2. Masha, where were you Saturday when I needed you? We went Sunday to pick up my wife's entries and we got a couple of London Broil sandwiches that smelled good. Well, they were lean lean lean = dry dry dry, on a roll that was dry dry dry! Anyway, lesson learned. Next year I'll try and remember your recommendations. (Anyway, DW won lots of blue ribbons plus Grand Champion in her fiber competitions.)

      1. Mmmmm the pork loin sammich, stands on it's own....Specially like the one found at the bigE