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Sep 27, 2010 03:17 AM

Tortilleria Sinaloa in Fells Point, Baltimore

Man, this place is a gem! A cute little counter-only joint where the hum of the tortilla press constantly reminds you of the ridiculous freshness of the food: Tortillas go straight from the press (not just still warm but HOT) onto your plate. We stopped in yesterday and loved it. The walls are decorated with Dia de los muertos figures and artwork, which we love, as well as some of their impressive press write-ups. The clientele was a nice mix, which you don't always see in Baltimore, so I'm glad to see a place with such broad appeal.

We had some pescado tacos featuring perfectly grilled fish with a beautifully not-too-sweet mango/corn salsa. We also had a pollo tamale (which tasted better than any other I've ever had) and a pork tamale wrapped in banana leaf (oaxaqueno?). Soooo good. Plus some lovely guac. The salsas they bring out with their in-house chips were spicy enough to let you know you're alive. Considering that tacos are in the $2-3 range and we took home a kilo of fresh tortillas for two dollars, plus they have other specials like Pozole and Menudo, we'll be back.

Oops, forgot their website:

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  1. Yep, been going since they opened and it's always good.

    1. love it as well. had 2 lunches there last week! barbacoa tacos, salsa verde, cmall chips, and an agua fresco (kind of like cantalope juice. note: they make it in the back - you have to ask for it, it not bottled in the drinks cooler).

      please support this awesome restaurant in fells point!

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        That place is seriously good. I just wish that with all the Mexicans in the DC area there were more Tortillerias. I don't even know of one even in Bladensburg/Riverdale (though I haven't been through there in about a year (except for going to El Tapatio).