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Sep 27, 2010 02:41 AM

I would love some Vegetable Recipes, please

Hi everyone,

I have just joined Chow, and I would be very happy to learn from many of the people here on this message board. I have been cooking for years, but I love variety so I need more recipes.

I am **not** a Vegetarian, but I eat lots of vegetables. I love to trying different vegetable dishes from all over the world. I won't care if you put meat stock in the dish but no chunks of meat in the dish unless it has more vegetables than meat. I would love vegetable dish recipes with vegetable broth.

So does anyone have any good vegetable recipes. I hope I get a lot to try because I love to cook. I am looking for recipes you have actually cooked yourself and enjoyed.

I can tell you some of my favorite recipes, if you are interested.

Take Care


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  1. You'll find lots of similar threads already if you search:

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      1. re: bizkat

        Hi bizkat,

        Have you tried any of the recipes on the site you directed me to out? If so do you have you especially enjoyed?

        Take Care


      2. re: katecm

        Hi katecm,

        I thought that there might already be a thread like mine but the ones I have had a chance to read weren't the one you directed me to. So, I just thought I would ask and see if anyone had some recipes for me.:) I haven't been on this board very long so I don't know what all is here.:)

        Take Care


      3. I am not sure whether you are looking for sides or mains. Here are my favourite vegetarian mains heavy on veggies:

        Turkish Eggplant, Tomato and Lentil Stew with Pomegranate

        Turkish Bulgur, Pomegranate and Almond Salad

        Mushroom Bourguignon

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        1. re: blinknoodle

          HI blinknoodle,

          Thank you for the recipes I appreciate them. I will definitely try them out and let you know what I think.:)

          Take Care.

          1. re: gem_of_cali

            Hi Gem,
            This just came up the other day, but a GREAT recipe is Southern Green Beans: Lg. Pot, render out a few strips of bacon with some sliced onions (maybe 1/2 lb. total), top with fresh trimmed green beans, and simmer w/ water or veg. stock for literally two hours. It's a completely different green bean experience than the crisp-tender way they're frequently served. 1/2 hour before you want to serve, top with cubed white (some people like sweets in this, we don't) potatoes, and let them steam in and add some body to the stock. A big bowl of this is a meal, with some kosher salt and pepper added for correction: I also like a shot of vinegar in mine but that's not to everyone's taste. Great with cornbread. And hot sauce, if you like it.

            1. re: mamachef

              My mother used to make green beans with bacon and pearl onions simmered in chicken stock.

              1. re: boyzoma

                love the pearl onions: added at the same time as potatoes, par-boiled? I do mine in chicken stock but sugg. the veg. re her not wanting to incorporate too much meatstyle protein.

                1. re: mamachef

                  Veg. would be good too. I seem to remember she cut up and crisped the bacon and then put it in with the beans and then just shortly before the beans were done she added the pearl onions. I think they were par-boiled.

              2. re: mamachef

                Hello Mamachef,

                Thank you, I haven't made green beans in a long time so this sounds great. If you come up with anything else let me know. I appreciate you taking the time to post an idea for me.

                1. re: gem_of_cali

                  Simple steamed green beans tossed with cherry or grape tomato halves, feta cheese, cashews are a favorite of some of my vegetarian friends!

                  1. re: cooking_geek

                    Hi cooking_geek,

                    That is such an easy recipe and quick. I think I may have this tonight. Thank you.:)

                    1. re: gem_of_cali

                      Glad it sounded good - hope you enjoyed it!


            I recommend Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, by Deborah Madison. I am an omnivore, but find many of these dishes suitable as main courses, with or without the addition of a little animal protein.

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            1. re: greygarious

              I agree. If you look on the link below, gem, you can see in-depth reviews that some chowhounds have written on specific reicipes in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. That should give you lots of ideas to get you started, and you can probably check the book out of the library. The reviews are organized and include page numbers, so you can select whatever sounds good to you and refer to the book for specifics. Then let us know what you think!


              1. re: greygarious

                Hello greygarious,

                I will have to look this book up. I Don't believe I have seen this recipe book yet. Thank you for the input about the book. If you think of anything else feel free to post it here.

              2. Try roasting vegetables in the oven. It has been a revelation to me. I don't have any recipes, per se, but I'm sure you can google something up.

                It's one of the simplest, easiest, tastiest forms of cooking I have ever known.

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                1. re: Jay F

                  I grew up with the southern green beans, cooked to death with bacon in a pressure cooker (even canned green beans cooked that way). As a former southerner, I loved green vegetables cooked al dente as soon as I left the south in the late 70's 80's. Find myself in the last 10-15 years going to roasting. This method is actually what most of the world still stewed vegs. in lots of olive oil, etc. Take your green beans (or broccoli) 400 o trimmed, toss with a bit of olive oil and roast at 400 or higher...check and stir often. Those shriveled green beans are great! Try with asparagus in the spring...with lemon juice added. Toss in garlic at the beginning or halfway through. Great mexican dish of roasted green beans with chiles, garlic, and lots of lime juice.

                  Now don't get me started on roasted tomatoes. the depth of flavor is astounding.

                  1. re: Madrid

                    Thank you Madrid,

                    That sounds tasty. If you come up with any other ideas I would be happy if you posted them here in this thread.

                  2. re: Jay F

                    Hi JayF

                    I love roasted vegetables. Great ideas for when it is cold here. Thank you. If you think of any other ideas I would be happy if you posted them here.

                  3. This summer while it was very warm, I was in love with grilled corn (grilled on the cob, then cut off) and black bean (sometimes with rice or quinoa) salad.....I always added extra veggies like tomatoes, peppers, etc....

                    I also like baked stuffed can add meat for a main dish or make it veg for a side dish...

                    Veggie & rice or orzo "pasta" salads....maybe with mini-mozzarella balls....

                    I also love roasted veggies and roasted asparagus along with spaghetti squash...

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                    1. re: jenscats5

                      Hi jenscats5,

                      I will have to look up the mozzarella balls. I don't currently have a recipe. Or do you know where I can find the recipe quickly.:) Thanks for the great ideas, I will be fed well now.:) If you think of anything else I would be very happy if you posted it here.

                      1. re: gem_of_cali

                        I bought the mini mozzarella balls at the store - they were in the cheese section in a container. I like to just toss them in salads....