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Sep 26, 2010 11:35 PM

Cooking With Only Boiling H20 in a Korean Motel


Just like it sounds...I'm stuck living in a motel in a very rural part of Korea. The only supplies I have are filtered hot water and a VERY mini-fridge. I plan to buy an electric tea kettle so I can heat the water to boiling, and hopefully have a few more options for cooking.

So far, I've been buying pre-cooked rice that is meant to be microwaved (Doesn't heat well under hot, un-boiled water) and I eat that with some pre-made panchan (kimchi, etc) and/or tuna mixed with mayo, salt and pepper, and roasted seaweed. I also found some lower-calorie Ramen to which I add dried seaweed and shitakes and quail egg.

I'm getting sick of Ramen and Rice/Tuna though! Any suggestions that only use boiling water would be much appreciated! Please keep in mind that I'm in rural Korea so lunch-meat (other than Spam), cheese, and bread and many other Western goods are either unavailable or over-priced...

Thanks ahead of time!

  1. You could buy the flat sheets of rice paper that you soak in warm water til pliable, then use to wrap up stuff like vegetables, or cooked eggs. Instead of ramen you could buy some packs of naeng myun, those noodles can cook pretty well just by being soaked in hot water. Aren't there convenience stores where you can get kim bap and stuff? You might list some of the ingredients and seasonings you do have access to and try your question on the Home Cooking board. Some extremely capable Korean food experts there.

    1. This topic is also posted on the Home Cooking board Please continue adding tips for vestavenus on that thread. We'll lock this one. Thanks very much.